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Parents and Family Program

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Parents and Family Program
Kansas State University
122 Anderson Hall
919 Mid-Campus Dr North
Manhattan, KS 66506

Family Weekend 2023:  September 8-9, 2023

Visit the Family Weekend page for more details

Parents & Family Program

The Parents and Family Program is a community of families dedicated to the success of your students. This is a completely free program designed to keep families informed, celebrate student achievements and to help you make lifelong memories at K-State. As a member, you have access to a variety of tools and support to make the most of your Wildcat experience.

Family is more than a concept at K-State, it’s a value by which we live. K-State provides an inclusive environment for all students and their families, and a welcoming atmosphere in which everyone feels supported and empowered to take intellectual risks.

Wildcat Live Panel: Preparing for Finals

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Principles of Community

Thank you to our sponsors.
Thank you to our sponsors.