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Phi Kappa Phi

2013 Spring Initiation

  Mary Beth Kirkham,
Gary Clark,
  Vice President
  Banquet pictures

Initiation Program, April 24, 2013

  Mary Beth Kirkham
Chapter President

Chapter Awards
 presented by Elizabeth Unger
Chair, Chapter Awards Committee
Phi Kappa Phi Artist Award
Alfred Cochran       
Professor Music, College of Arts and Sciences       

Phi Kappa Phi Scholar Award
Noel Schulz       
Assoc. Dean for Research & Grad. Programs       
and Paslay Prof. of Elec. and Computer Engr.       

Undergraduate Scholarship Awards
  Alfred Cochran
Chair, Undergraduate Scholarship Committee
Larissa HallBiological Systems Engineering
Bret McCandlessMusic
Emilee MorrisEarly Childhood Education
Amy YoungElementary Education
Alfred Cochran congratulates Bret McCandless

"Membership in Phi Kappa Phi honors you and tells others that learning is important to you. ... Take advantage of opportunities available to you."
  Carol Shanklin
Dean of the Graduate School
and Professor of Hospitality,
Management, & Dietetics

Initiation Ceremony  
          complete list of initiates
  Chapter Officers

Closing Remarks  
  Mary Beth Kirkham

Larissa Hall



Jim Hohenbary suggests
applying for scholarships



Carol Shanklin
Carol Shanklin, Speaker



Lauren Heermann

Business Administration

Qiwei Xie with
Stacy Kovar (College representative)


Human Ecology

Jessica Grinstead   

Chapter Officer

Nancy Calhoun talks
about web sites


Arts and Sciences

Meredith Olds, Jessica Henry, Michael Kelley, Holly Miller, Isaak LeHew with Jim Hohenbary (College Representative)
Present but not pictured: Kyle Gowen


    Jessica Bauerle, Jennifer Barben, Clarissa Corkins, Jennifer Latta, Alexandria Linville, and Sarah Swenson

Graduate School

Kristen Hale, Asma Alhamadi, Damien Downes, Barbara Amoah, Michael Barnes, Hannah Brooks, Katherine Connelly, and Anne Hundley
Dong Kim, Tamara Lynn, Yubaraj Malakar, Kathryn Mayes, Kyle Miles, Amgad Mohamed, and Mandy Scholz



Tyler Santoro with
Gary Clark (College Representative)

Faculty Initiates

Shawna Jordan, Linda Thurston, Steven Dandaneau, Peter Dorhout