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Phi Kappa Phi

2013 Spring Banquet

The photographer took many pictures at the banquet and on this page are the best of the ones taken.   Initiate's names are in bold type.

Getting Started
Families together      
Photo Opportunity
Chapter Officers
Initiation Ceremony
The food is ready.

Getting Started

Brook greets the initiates as they arrive
Barbara Amoah checks-in
with Sara Gasser.
Sophia Trombetta plays the
Processional and background music.

Families together      

Carol and Larry Shanklin
    Al Cochran with his daughter
    Meredith Olds with her parents
Carol and Hannah Brooks  
Craig Schuh and Hannah Brooks  
Larissa Hall (Undergraduate Scholarship winner)
with her parents

Photo Opportunity

Laura Wallace,  
Fall 2012 initiate  
Barbara Amoah 
Jessica Henry 
Amgad Mohamed  

Faculty Initiates

Peter Dorhout 
Shawna Jordan 

Steven Dandaneau 
Linda Thurston 

Chapter Officers

Joelle Pitts, Committee member,
visits with Cindy Logan, Treasurer
Jane Schillie, 
Past President 
Kevin Donnelly,