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Phi Eta Sigma


All first-year students who have a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale at the end of any full-time curricular period are automatically eligible for membership, provided they have carried a normal academic load acceptable toward a bachelor's degree and rank in the upper 20 percent of their class.

Life-time membership is conferred upon induction, and maintaining the grade-point average is not required.

Although students will prefer to be inducted with their classmates, eligibility is not lost by missing an induction; one may be inducted at a regularly scheduled induction ceremony.

The membership fee of $75 pays for an academic key or tie tac, membership certificate, and a copy of the national magazine, Forum of Phi Eta Sigma. The fee also pays a portion of the expenses for a chapter delegate to attend the national convention; and a portion goes to the Founders Fund, which provides approximately eighty $1,000 awards and thirty $6,000 scholarships each year to members of Phi Eta Sigma for undergraduate study. Five $10,000 scholarships are also available for the first year of graduate study.

Fall 2015 Initiates

Faisal Alyaseen

Andrew Schrum

Kaylee Visser

Brooke Jensen

Brian Wenger

Zachary Brown

Lauren Budenski

Jack Nolte

Kevin Dice

Ruth Ellis

Marcy Gagna

Shelbie Witt

Amber Craig

Allison Becker

Anna Kucera

Lara Hoss

Gabrielle Fangman

Brooke Engler

Alyssa Baquero

Kevin McKeon

Caitlyn Frisbie

Adam Pelfrey

Molly Burt

Allison Sears

Mariah Brown

Jacob Dennett

Christopher Dierenfeldt

Eileen Sieck

Tyler Butterfield

Allison Nickelson

Maureen Graham

Lauren Merino

Lucas Berndt

Alexis Witt

Nicholas Genz

Mikaela Rader

Tanner Langvardt

Trenton Goering

Mark Garner

Kylie Manville

Molly Ridder

McKenna Alonso

Regan Aylward

Cayden Daily

Larissa Eshelman

Jessica Stoecklein

Emily Nine

Katelynn Gamble

Abigail Basham

Katherine Murphy

Brett Christianson

Garrison Coker

Taylor Ireland

Megan Clapp

Kristy Wilson

Amy Gawlak

Erin Pierce

Kiernan Vining

Bethany Parker

Benjamin Mosley

Grace Gregory

Mary Ross