Updating your Information

If at any time between registration periods, your student organization selects new officers, changes contact information, or changes advisors, it is important that you update your file in the Office of Student Activities and Services.

To do that, stop by the office to complete an update form, or fill out the pdf version and send or drop it by the office.

Failure to keep our office up to date with how to contact your student organization, can cause problems in the re-registration process and/or temporary suspension of your group until the problem is solved.


Organizations are required to keep a current copy of their constitution on file with the OSAS office. Constitutions that are less than four years old are considered to be current. If your group's constitution is not current, organizations will be required to submit a current copy before they are allowed to register.

Groups are encouraged to submit a copy of their constitution every time it is updated. This will prevent the constitution from becoming out-of-date as well as insure that your group can always get a copy of your constitution from your file.