Technology for Student Organizations

Every registered student organization may set up an email address, website, and/or listserv through K-State. Links to each form are provided to the right. Each request requires your organization's advisor to either sign or enter their eID and password on the request form.

These services are maintained and provided by Computing and Telecommunications Services. If you need help or changes to your email/listserv/website you need to contact them for assistance. The easiest way to do that is by email. Email for questions or help regarding your website space or your email. for help with your listerv. If you are an owner of your listserv you can manage it (add/remove users, change other settings) by visiting the management page.

Creating and designing your website is the responsiblity of each organization. There are helpful resources on campus for organizations trying to create their page. Visit theInformation Technology Assistance Center / Media Devlopment Center website for more information.