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Office of Student Activities and Services

Re-registering your Student Organization

Required Every Year

  1. A registration form will be e-mailed out to the president and advisor of each organization in late March. These forms are also available online or in the OSAS office. If you are simply updating your registration (you have already registered this year) please follow the update link on the left of this page.
  2. Review your organization's constitution. Constitutions on file with our office are required to be less than four years old. If you are notified your constitution is out of date, a current copy will be required at the time you turn in your registration form.
  3. Plan to attend one of the organization registration meetings facilitated by the OSAS office. Your registration form (and constitution) will only be accepted at the meeting you choose to attend, not before.

Registration Meetings

The registration deadline for the 2013-2014 school year is April 26, 2013 .

The Office of Student Activities and Services (OSAS) requires that all student organizations attend one of the scheduled meetings to complete their registration process. Organizations will be required to send at least one representative to any of the scheduled meetings listed below. Organizations will turn in their registration forms at the meeting they choose to attend.

If you have not attended a meeting by April 27th, your organization will lose University privileges until you complete the registration with our office.

These changes have been implemented in an effort to keep existing groups informed of changes in student organization policies at K-State.

Topics to be convered include:

  • General Information (Campus and OSAS Resources)
  • Role of the Advisor
  • Risk Management
  • Facilities Policies and Reservation
  • Union Reservation
  • Funding through Student Governing Association
  • CNS (Web site, listserv, etc.)
  • Fund Raising Policies
  • Disabilty Support Services

Any questions about these meetings should be directed to the Office of Student Activities and Services at 532-6541 or bharlan@ksu.edu

2013-2014 Meeting Dates

Out of courtesy to others attending the meeting and because all of the information presented at the meeting is important, late arrivals to the meeting will not be allowed. Please plan to come early to assure you are prepared by the start time.

A complete list of meeting times that have been scheduled is available.