Changing Your Organization's Name

It's possible to change the name of your organization.  The only requirement for our office is that you submit a new copy of your organization's constitution that reflects the new name you have chosen.  There are however a few other issues that you need to consider.

  • Private Bank - If your organization has a bank account at a private bank, you will need to contact the bank to find out what is required to change the name on the account.
  • IRS - If your organization has a Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN) you need to contact the IRS to change the name attached to the number.  You may not know you have an FEIN but if you have a bank account or have received reimbursement from our office, that number would be a requirement.
  • Campus Accounts - If you have set up a campus account somewhere like the Union in order have fees charged to your organization, you need to contact those office to have your name updated.  Remember this could also cause confusion with reservations your organization has made.