Off-Campus Housing Support


Off-Campus Housing Support provides information about the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords to Kansas State University students. Common issues include maintenance, security deposits, lease reviews, and more. If you have questions about these or other off-campus housing issues, make an appointment to meet with the director. 


Off Campus Housing Guide

This guide, prepared by the Off-Campus Housing Support office, provides a comprehensive guide to off-campus living, from tips to finding a good landlord, appropriate move-in and move-out practices, how to address maintenance issues, roommates, and more. 

Landlord Reviews

If you want others to know about your experience with your landlord, good or bad, try using, and the OCHS Facebook page. Also use these sites to read up on your landlord before signing a new lease.

Code Services

Code Services is a free service to City of Manhattan tenants. You can call Code Services to request a free rental inspection if you feel that your home may be in violation of city codes. They can be reached at (785) 587-4506. 

Click here to view the “Check Your Home Guide” published by the city of Manhattan, outlining common code violations and landlord/tenant responsibilities. 

Kansas Residential Landlord Tenant Act (KRLTA)

The KRLTA is state legislation that governs the landlord-tenant relationship. The Act can be viewed at

Simple Bills

Stressed out from keeping track of when your bills are due and if your roommates have paid? Simple Bills is a web service that allows you to bundle all of your bills into one payment. If your roommates sign up, Simple Bills can divide the bills between you so you only pay your portion and don't have to worry about making sure your roommates pay. Check them out at

Student Renter's Guide

For information about the common snares of renting, questions to consider when entering the rental market, and how to identify and avoid rental scams, a crime first-time renters are particularly vulnerable to, check out

Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc. (HCCI)

HCCI provides free resources and counseling to both tenants and landlords of Kansas regarding their rights and responsibilities. Visit their website at

Renter's Insurance

Renter’s insurance can help protect your property in the event that it becomes damaged. For more information, check out

Attorney General : Consumer Protection Division

For consumer related issues, file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office by calling toll free at (800) 432-2310 or check out their website at

Director of Off-Campus Housing Support 

Jessica Wheeler
809 K-State Student Union
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506
phone: 785-532-6541