Types of Organizations

K-State recognizes the value of having faculty/staff and community involvement in student organizations.  However, in order to receive the benefits available to organizations, the organization should be made up of a majority of students.  Every organization should have at least 5 students and the total membership should at no time be comprised of less than 50% students. At least 50% of the officer positions must be held by students as well.

Organizations Eligible for Funding

The funding SGA receives to allocate to various campus organizations comes from student fees paid with tuition. Therefore, for an organization to be eligible for funding from the Student Governing Association (SGA), they must have a total membership that is made up of at least 80% students. Additionally, all officers in the organization must be students.  Our office wants to make sure that students are making decisions about what kinds of events the funding is spent on.

Provisional Organizations

A provisional classification is available to student organizations with at least three student members. For one year these groups will be provided the same rights and privileges of student groups. Funding is not an option for this classification. There are a few requirements that groups must adhere to before applying for this status. For more information regarding this status, please contact the office.

Other Types of Organizations

These are special classifications of student organizations. Organizations thinking they could qualify as one of these classifications should make such a request of the SGA Allocations Committee Chair.

Sports Club shall be any registered organization whose purposes are to compete in athletic competitions with other colleges across the state and/or nation and belong to an official collegiate association for that sport.

An Academic Competition Team shall be a registered organization designated by the Allocations Committee as having a vested interest in attending competitions at which such teams represent the University and its Colleges to further the academic and educational status of the University as a whole.

College Council Organization shall be any registered organization whose organizational focus shall be academic or professional in nature and associated with a specific academic college.