Finding an Advisor for Your Student Organization

Each registered Kansas State University student organization is required to have an advisor who is a full-time member of the faculty, staff or administration. A student organization that does not have an advisor may be declared defunct until an advisor is confirmed.

Why have an advisor?

An advisor serves as a resource for you, other officers, and the organization. He/she has many “hats to wear” and has an interest in the activities of your group. This person is:

  1. A historian of past activities and decisions which were made;
  2. An advocate, informant, or source of counsel for making decisions;
  3. A resource for understanding University policies and procedures (they may be able to help you complete tasks more efficiently);
  4. A respected friend.

Responsibilities of advisors

  1. Have a concern for the on-going function of the organization. This can be most easily accomplished by regularly attending executive board and organizational meetings, thus establishing continuity from year to year.
  2. Be concerned about developing the leadership skills of members, particularly the executive board, by discussing and helping to analyze group interactions and decision making.
  3. Be aware of the goals and directions of the organization and help the members evaluate their progress toward these goals.
  4. Advise the organization’s president on University policies and procedures in the areas of scheduling, purchasing, organizing public events/broadcasts, etc.
  5. Advise the organization’s officers regarding the operations of the organization.
  6. Certify academic eligibility of all officers.
  7. Advise the members on financial matters.
  8. For more advisor resources please visit the "For Advisors" page.

Your Advisor

We hope that the advisor of your organization is a long term supporter of your group.  That is the reason we require the advisor to be a full-time faculty or staff person.  We hope that their connection with the university will also provide knowledge about the university and its policies and practices. For these reasons, we can't accept Graduate Students or GTAs/GRAs as organization advisors.  They can still be a great resource for organizations though.