Creating an Organization

Registration Process for New Groups

The Process of registering a new student group is simple and involves only a few basic steps. Follow the steps listed here, using the forms provided and information listed to establish a new student organization.

  1. To start the registration process you can go to:
  2. Login using your eID and password.
  3. There you can complete the registration form by clicking on the “Register New Organization” green button in the top right.
  4. Be sure to mark that you are a new student organization when asked that question.
  5. To register an organization we require a few basic items.
    1. A constitution for your organization that you will upload as a part of the registration process. ( I know you already emailed that to me but if you can upload it into the system that would be great.)
    2. Five student members or more. (We take the official membership off of the number of members within OrgSync that are a part of your organization but we ask you to provide an estimate on the registration form.)
    3. A faculty/staff advisor for your organization.  You will be asked to provide their name and email in the registration form and then a confirmation will be emailed that they are willing to serve as your advisor.
  6. After you registration form is submitted as a new organization we will contact you to set up a time to meet with at least one representative of your organization.  It can be your president, your advisor, or others from the organization.  We’ll go over some basic information and a brief demonstration of OrgSync.