Travel Reimbursement Information

Original, itemized receipts are required for all travel expenses to be reimbursed by SGA. Copies cannot be accepted for reimbursement purposes.

Please stop by the OSAS budget office to discuss your SGA travel allocation. At that time, the OSAS accountant can advise you on State of Kansas travel regulations specific to your travel requirements. Upon returning from your trip, you will need to turn in the Travel Reimbursement Form, W-9 form, and your original receipts to seek reimbursement.

It will take the State of Kansas 2-3 weeks to issue payment from the State of Kansas Treasury, Topeka, KS.

Important Highlights

  • Organizations must make their own travel arrangements for all travel.
  • Meals cannot be reimbursed if the travel begins and ends on the same day.


If you organization receives funding from SGA for promotions the following are the ONLY options your organization has to use these funds:

You must fill out the Travel Information Form and W-9 and submit to my office along with the following depending on what you are asking to be reimbursed for:

Lodging: Original, itemized paid lodging receipts and the names of the students that stayed in each room. You can just print the names on each of the lodging receipts.

Airfare: Itinerary and paid receipt with each travelers name. Must show where/when, price, and how paid and amount.

Private vehicle mileage: You may claim mileage at the State of Kansas rate per mile. The State of Kansas uses to calculate the mileage. You also must provide me with how many vehicles went, who drove and who were passengers in each vehicle.

Motorpool: If you need to reserve a motorpool vehicle and you have gotten SGA funds for travel then you can go through me to reserve your vehicle; otherwise you will need to go through another dept and have their accountant call me and arrange payment. You still must provide me with all the names of the students that traveled. Drivers of any motorpool vehicle MUST BE KSU employees.

Turpike Tolls, parking, shuttles, taxis: must provide an original receipt.

Meals: Based on a perdiem rate provided by the State Of Kansas.

We DO NOT reimburse for registration fees or any type of membership fees.

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