Purchase Order

Some vendors do not require payment for goods or services at the time of purchase. They allow organizations to set up internal charge accounts for purchases to be billed at a later date (accounts receivables). Organizations are not allowed to charged goods or services to the Office of Student Activities and Services customer accounts. OSAS has restrictions with most vendors to prevent organizations from charging to their accounts.

If your organization would like to charge a purchase to OSAS, you will need to request a Purchase Order from the OSAS Accountant. You may need to provide further documentation from the vendor depending on the amount and item you are requesting to charge.

If approved, the vendor should send the original invoice to OSAS for payment. However, if the vendor sends the invoice to your organization, you will need to submit the original invoice to the OSAS Budget Office for payment. The OSAS Accountant cannot submit payment without an original invoice.

If your organization charges a purchase to OSAS without prior approval, the OSAS Budget Office can have the charges reversed. Your organization will be responsible for paying the invoice.

Please note: There are many State of Kansas regulations and contracts regarding the purchase of goods and services. OSAS needs the ability to monitor how and where purchases are being made to avoid violating those regulations and contracts. Therefore, it is crucial that you discuss any SGA purchases with the OSAS Accountant prior to accepting or paying for any goods or services. OSAS cannot guarantee payment from your SGA allocation if you break State of Kansas regulations or contracts.

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