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Office of Student Activities and Services

Personal Reimbursement Information

Personal reimbursements can be made payable to an individual or organization. Individual reimbursements require the person's home address and social security number. Organization reimbursements require the group's official address and Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).

You will need to turn in the Personal Reimbursement Information form, W-9 form, and all original, itemized receipts for reimbursement. Please be sure to sign the statement on the bottom of the Personal Reimbursement Information Form.

If for some reason the original receipt is not available, you will need to provide the front and back copy of a personal check OR the front copy of a personal check and the corresponding bank statement. If you paid for the item with cash, you will need to submit an official letter listing the vendor, goods or services purchased, amount and date of purchase. However, most businesses keep detailed records and copies of receipts on file. Most receipts can be re-issued by contacting the company's business office. These are exceptions to the rule of original receipts. Repeated abuse of this exception may result in loss of current and future funding.

It will take the State of Kansas 2-3 weeks to issue the payment from the State of Kansas Treasury, Topeka, KS.

Please note: There are many State of Kansas regulations and contracts regarding the purchase of goods and services. OSAS needs the ability to monitor how and where purchases are being made to avoid violating those regulations and contracts. Therefore, it is crucial that you discuss any SGA purchases with the OSAS Accountant prior to accepting or paying for any goods or services. OSAS cannot guarantee reimbursement from your SGA allocation if you break State of Kansas regulations or contracts.

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