Budget Request Form

Please read the following information before proceeding to the SGA Budget Request Form. A full list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.

Student Activity & Fine Arts Fee funds CAN be spent on . . .

Promotions - Promotions include expenses related to advertising an activity such as: Collegian advertisements, KSDB FM (91.9) radio advertising, banners, postcards, leaflets, flyers, and posters that are primarily targeted toward K-State students. All formal printing jobs must be done by K-State Printing Services (e.g. K-State Union Copy Center). Kinko’s, Copy Co., Claflin Bookstore, Copy Kats, Staples, etc. are unallowable.

Lecturers, Speakers or Entertainers(LSE) - Lecturers, Speakers or Entertainers include all funds requested by an organization in order to bring a Lecturer, Speaker or Entertainer to a planned event, including their travel, lodging, food and fee to perform. LSE events funded by SGA must be free and open to all K-State students. Admission fees may be charged to faculty, staff, and the community. The Lecturers, Speakers or Entertainers Information Form and a W-9 must be completed at least four (4) weeks prior to the performance in order to ensure prompt payment to the performer.

Rent of Space & Equipment - Rent of space and equipment includes any costs related to renting rooms or equipment for performances and any other such events.

Films - Films include expenses for the rental of movies, documentaries, recorded theatrical shows, or other such events. Films must be educational in nature. Films not of an educational nature will be considered on a case by case basis by the Allocation Committees. Rental of movies must be rented from companies like Swank Motion Pictures or Criterion Pictures that provide the necessary mandatory viewing license. A copy of the license must be presented to the OSAS Accountant before the movie presentation.

Open House - This category is specifically for any of the College Council’s Open House activities. Funds in this category may only be requested by the nine College Councils.

  • SGA will pay for:
    • Supplies(Markers, Poster board, Paper, etc.) - Supplies will be funded at the discretion of the College Council Allocation Committee.
    • Decorations - Only reusable decorations will be funded.
    • Food - Food must be used in an experiment. Food expenses for consumed goods will not be a pproved.
    • Float Materials - Expenses for float materials are limited to anything dealing with the physical construction of the float itself, such as wood, paper, and chicken wire. If it is not part of the physical construction, SGA will not approve the expense

Please contact the SGA Treasurer for prior approval if you are unsure about an Open House purchase.

Travel - Funds may be available for transportation, lodging, and meals for KSU students. Organizations are limited to $1000.00 for travel expenses per fiscal year and these funds can be requested on up to 2 travel requests per fiscal year. A student may receive up to $100 with each travel event. Travel is a very difficult category to be reimbursed for. SGA highly recommends meeting with the OSAS Accountant before making any travel arrangements. This simple step can save you a lot of time and future frustration.

Sports Clubs - Sports clubs can use their funding for the purchase of the above categories, sports equipment, official sports uniforms, salaries for referees and coaches, and league membership dues.

Student Activity & Fine Arts Fee funds CANNOT be spent on . . .

Food - Funds cannot be spent on food, with the exception of meals while traveling or an educational experiment during Open House.

Social Functions - Funds cannot be spent on parties, social functions, or banquets.

Decorations - Funds cannot be spent on decorations or table arrangements. Special exceptions will be granted to College Councils for Open House expenses on a case-by-case basis by the SGA Treasurer.

Gifts - Funds cannot be spent on gifts, plaques, awards, trophies, flowers, clothing, or any other personal items for individuals.

Supplies - Funds cannot be spent on office supplies outside of College Council Open House and Institutional Service activities.

Paid Wages - Only wages for film projectionists or police officers, as required by a rental facility, will be approved by the SGA Allocations Committee.

Other - Funds cannot be used for name tags, Royal Purple pictures, t-shirts (with the exception of uniforms for sports clubs), giveaways, or for any event that is not free and open to all K-State Students.

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