How to Find Housing


On Facebook there is a K-State Facebook group designed specifically to help people who already have housing find roommates and vice versa. It is called "For Rent/Sublease--Apts, Duplexes, Houses @ KSU." The link is

Search Engines:

Try specific websites such as or to see available listings in the area. 

Manhattan Mercury:

The Manhattan Mercury Classifieds is a popular place for landlords to advertise. If you get the newspaper check it out or go to the Manhattan Mercury website:

K-State Collegian:

The K-State Collegian Classifieds is also a great place to check for housing. Pick up a free copy of the newspaper on campus each day to see the most updated housing available.

Ask Friends:

Ask your friends if they know of any good landlords around and if they have availabilities. Sometimes landlords are only known by word-of-mouth—so ask around!

Drive Around Town:

If you drive around town, often available dwellings will have “For Rent” signs up with contact information. This may be the only form of advertisement for these dwellings—call the numbers listed to get more information.


The K-State Study Abroad Facebook page, "Wildcats Abroad, Sub-Leasers Wanted," allows students who are looking for subleasers for one semester while they are studying abroad to post helpful ads if you want to consider a six month sublease. This link is

Manhattan Landlords Listing:

The office of Consumer and Tenant Affairs has compiled contact information of known landlords and apartment complexes in Manhattan as of August, 2013.