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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Collaborating with Industry

Kansas State University has developed innovative approaches to industry-sponsored research in an effort to bridge the gap between the business needs of companies and  public policy mandates that govern public universities.

  • K-State is a member of the University-Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP) and is committed to implementing best practices and innovative approaches in its industry collaborations, which includes considering the project scope and planned activities when working with industry to develop sponsored project agreements appropriate for each collaboration. UIDP provides a number of helpful publications and reports. Because K-State is a member institution, our faculty and staff can create a login and password with their K-State email to access members-only information.
  • K-State’s basic Memorandum of Agreement may be the appropriate vehicle to initiate R&D projects. Other template and specific agreement options are available for testing and evaluation projects that do not involve original creative research on the part of the university researchers. Testing and evaluation project template agreements have alternate IP terms that account for industry ownership of any such test results without further remuneration to the university. K-State is committed to working with industry to customize agreements to meet the needs for specific projects.
  • K-State IP Options for Industry R&D Projects is a one-page PDF handout that can help faculty understand and relay intellectual property options in the event that commercially viable outcomes result from a sponsored research project. Contact the PreAward Services contract negotiations manager to discuss specific options.