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All-University Open House


Catch a Ride

Park in the garage for free and ride a shuttle to events.  Shuttles run every 15 minutes.
View the shuttle map


Denison Ave Route
•    Stops at Bosco Plaza
•    The Gardens
•    College of Veterinary Medicine
•    Peters Recreation Center
•    Call Hall
•    Finish at Bosco Plaza
Grain Science Route
•    Start at Shellenberger Hall
•    International Grains Complex
•    Call Hall
•    Finish at Shellenberger Hall
Mid-Campus Route
•    Stops at Bosco Plaza/East Union
•    Hale Library
•    Leadership Studies Building
•    Call Hall
•    Finish at Bosco Plaza/East Union
Jardine Route
•    Stops at Jardine Apartments 
      at Tunstall circle
•    Call Hall
•    Moore Hall/ Derby Dining Center
•    Call hall
•    Finish at Jardine Apartments
aTa Bus is pleased to provide complimentary fixed routes throughout the K-State campus and Manhattan community all day during Open House. Hop on to explore what the Little Apple has to offer!

aTa Bus provides public general transportation on the K-State campus, in Manhattan and throughout the surrounding tri-county area. All routes are handicap accessible