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Academic help

Resources to find information on tutoring, subject help, academic policies and procedures, the honor system, and more.

Ask Willie

If you have a question or concern about personal or university issues, K-State staff will answer your questions.

Assistance with a personal crisis

Where students can get help during a personal crisis.


Individual psychotherapy, group therapy, biofeedback/stress management training, psycho-educational workshops, outreach presentations, prevention services, and more. Find information about general life issues, career and academic questions, relationship problems, stress management, and more with counseling services' self-help series.

Student Access Center

Services and accommodations for students with physical or learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorders.

Financial assistance

General information on applying for financial aid, scholarships, state programs, the awards process, and forms.

Guide to Personal Success (GPS)

A program to help students cope with the challenges of making the transition from high school to college life.

Health (Lafene Health Center)

Outpatient health care facility for the student community.

Legal services

Help with landlord/tenant disputes and consumer problems, such as sales and services contracts, small claims courts appeals, and more.

Office of Student Life

Direct support and services to students who need assistance, advocacy for students, problem-solving, and referrals to other student resources on and off campus. Administers the Student Code of Conduct Judicial Program and other policies that affect students. Also a resource for family members of students.


Parking regulations, permits, maps, visitor tips, and forms.

University Life Cafe

This website promotes emotional wellness with an informative blog, a gallery of user-submitted artwork and writings, and a network of mental health professionals.

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