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Network and Telecommunications Services

Software Systems Support

The following programs and packages have been installed on the updated Unix server in addition to the standard programs distributed with Solaris 10.

123Lotus 123 spread sheetStaroffice 
a2psFormats an ascii file for printing on a postscript printerUpgraded
acadAutoCAD R12Not Installed
acedbA Caenorhabditis elegans DataNot Installed
acroreadAdobe Acrobad .pdf viewerUpgraded
aggisConvert to/from IP CIDR notationNot Installed
amandaAdvanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk ArchiverNetBackup
arcESRI Arc/Info GIS softwareNot Installed
archieInterface to Anonymous FTP archive searchNcftp or ftp or scp
arcviewESRI ArcView GIS softwareNot Installed
bashBourne Again SHellSystem
bisonGNU YACC implementationSystem
bzip2Data compression packageSystem
calcArbitrary precision calculatorNot Installed
callpagerSend a message to a KSU pagerNot Installed
cdeclC declaration to english translatorNot Installed
checkuserMail debugging scriptUpgraded
cjpegCompress an image file to a JPEG fileSystem
clispCommon Lisp InterpreterNot Installed
color_editColor editor hacked for the fvwm2 stuffNot Installed
color_xtermXterminal program with support for colorNot Installed
contoolContool A Better X Console WindowNot Installed
cxtermChinese XtermNot Installed
dclockVery basic no frills digital clockNot Installed
dejagnu Not Installed
dvipsConvert a TeX DVI file to PostScriptUpgraded
elmElmNot Installed
emacsGNU EmacsUpgraded
expectProgrammed dialogue for interactive programsNot Installed
f2cConvert Fortran 77 to C or C++Not Installed
f2cFortran to C translatorNot Installed
fetchmailPOP/IMAP transfer programNot Installed
filterThe filter email filtering program split from elm.Not Installed
flexFast lexical analyzer generatorUpgraded
flipUnix<to>Dos newline conversionDos2unix or unix2dos
forwardSet/Reset/Query email forwarding addressEID Web-page
freezeCompression program (obsoleted by gzip)Not Installed
fspAnonymousftp style archive called FSPNot Installed
ftptoolX interface to ftpNot Installed
fvwmMotif styled virtual window manager for XNot Installed
fvwm2Fvwm2 window managerNot Installed
gaintoolAudio control panelNot Installed
gbuffyXbifflike program that supports IMAP and multiple mailboxesNot Installed
gccGNU C C++ ObjectiveC and Java compilerUpgraded
gcgGenetics Computer Group Wisconson PackageUpgraded
gcmpGNU binary comparison utilityNot Installed
gdbGNU debuggerNot Installed
gdbmGNU dbm hash database routinesNot Installed
gdiffGNU text comparison utilityDiff
geomviewInteractive geometric shape viewerNot Installed
gfindGNU find utilityFind
ggrepGNU grep utility (also gegrep gfgrep)Being installed
ghostviewView PostScript documents using ghostscriptNot Installed
giftoolGIF image editorGimp
gimpGnu's image manupilation programGimp
glutOpenGL programming utilitiesNot Installed
gmakeGNU makeMake gmake
gnupgThe GNU Privacy Guard [www.gnupg.org.] a Free PGP replacementNot Installed
gnuplotPloterNot Installed
graphicsThe LaTeX Colour and Graphics PackagesNot Installed/use latest tex/latex tools
groffGNU roff processor/text formatterNot Installed
gsGhostscript a PostScript interpereterNot Installed
gzipGNU compression utilityUpgraded
hzttyChinese 'zW/HZ' encoding translator for cxtermNot Installed
ileaf6Interleaf document processing systemNot Installed
imaputilsCommand line programs for fetching and copying mailboxes via IMAPNot Installed
imslImsl function librariesInstalled
indentUtility to indent and format C program source codeUpgraded
infoGNU hypertext help systemUpgraded
ircInternet Relay Chat client programUpgraded
irssiInternet Relay Chat client programInstalled
ispellInteractive spelling checkingAspell
jwsJava WorkshopSystem
kermitKermit file transfer protocal systemNot Installed
khorosImage processing systemGimp
ktermJapanese xtermNot Installed
LaTeXLaTeX extensions to TeX typesetting packageNot installed/use latest tex/latex tools
lessImproved version of 'more'System
libdesEncrypt or decrypt data using DESOpenssl
libtabeNeeded for xcinNot Installed
lisrel8Structural Equation Modeling packageNot Installed
lsofList open filesSystem
lynxCharacter based WWW browserUpgraded
md5Message-Digest algorithm 5digest
m4M4 macro processorSystem
magicVLSI layout editorNot Installed
makepassEncrypt passwordsNot Installed
mathematicaCommercial mathematical programUpgraded
mathematicaMathematical analysis programUpgraded
matlabMathematics packageUpgraded
mcvertMac file format (BinHex) conversion toolNot Installed
md5Secure hash (checksum) generatorNot Installed
metamailMultimedia mail processing systemNot Installed
mikmodPlay MOD/XM/669/S3M/MTM music filesNot Installed
mosaicNCSA Mosaic WWW browserNot Installed
move_foldersMove pine folders to IMAPNot Installed
move_foldersMove pine folders to IMAPNot Installed
mozillaMozilla web browserSystem
mpeg_libMpeg libsNot Installed
mpeg_playMpeg format animation player for XNot Installed
MtoolsTools to access MSDOS diskettesNot Installed
MusicTeXTeX addition for making sheet musicNot Installed
muttThe Mutt Mail User AgentNot Installed
mwmThe Motif Window ManagerNot Installed
mxgdbMotif based interface to the gdb debuggerNot Installed
ncftpFile transfer utility (improved ftp client)Upgraded
neditMotifbased X text editorNot Installed
netpbmToolkit for conversion of imagesGimp
netscapeNetscapeSystem mozilla
nnUsenet news readerMozilla
nscalNetscape CalendarNot Installed
nscalNetscape Calendar clientNot Installed
ntalkNew talk programNot Installed
p2cPascal to C translatorNot Installed
patchUtility to apply diffs to filesSystem
pbmplusGraphic file conversion toolsGimp
perlPERL programming languageSystem
perlcurses Curses screen handling for PerlSystem
perlmenuCursesbased menus and data entry for PerlNot Installed
pgpPretty Good Privacy encryption systemNot Installed
pineThe pine email agentUpgraded
procmailMail processing utilitiyNot Installed
proePro/ENGINEER Modeling ToolNot Installed
pvmParallel Virtual Machine System Version 3Not Installed
PythonScripting languageSystem
rcsRevision Control SystemUpgraded
RSoftware environment for Statistical computing and graphicsInstalled
rnUsenet news readerMozilla
splusThe SPLUS programUpgraded
s3modPlay MOD/S3M music filesNot Installed
sasSAS statistical programUpgraded
scSimple Spreadsheet CalculatorStaroffice
screenScreen manager with VT100/ANSI terminal emulationUpgraded
shaSecure Hash AlgorithmOpenssl
sharutilsGNU shar utilitiesNot Installed
silvacoSilicon device simulation toolsNot Installed
smlStandard ML of New JerseyNot Installed
soundtoolAudio waveform displayNot Installed
spiceCircuit simulatorNot Installed
spssProfessional Statistics PackageNot Installed
sshSecure shellSystem
starofficeStar Office 7System
strnUsenet news readerMozilla
sysinfoDisplay system informationSystem
tarGNU tarSystem tar and gtar
TclTcl command languageUse tclsh
tcshDefault interactive commandSystem
TeXTeX Typesetting programUpgraded
textutilsGNU Text UtilitiesUpgraded
tidyTidy up HTML web pagesNot Installed
tiffLots of tiff related thingsSystem
tkTk programming toolkitSystem
tn3270TN3270 terminal emulatorNot Installed
topDisplay information on running processesUpgraded
trackerPlay amiga MOD/Protracker music filesNot Installed
trnUsenet news readerNot Installed
unarjARJ archive extraction utilityNot Installed
unzipInfoZip package and compression utilitiesUpgraded
upsGraphical C/FORTRAN debuggerNot Installed
usUltraScan II 4.0 Analysis toolNot Installed
vheHCIL Visible Human ExplorerNot Installed
vimText EditorInstalled
vncVnc viewer/server for XNot Installed
wgetFetch HTTP/FTP files from the command lineUpgraded
WindowMakerWindow maker window managerNot Installed
wpWordperfect 6.0 document processorUse Staroffice
x3270X based IBM3270 terminal emulatorNot Installed
xanimMultiformat animation/video/audio viewer for XNot Installed
xautolockAutomatic X display locking utilityNot Installed
xbuffyX program to watch multiple mailboxesNot Installed
xcoColor viewer for XNot Installed
xdeltaSccsdelta delta make a delta to an SCCS fileNot Installed
xduDisplay the output of "du" in an X windowNot Installed
xdviDVI previewer for XNot Installed
xeUniXEDIT text editorNot Installed
xemacsXemacs editorNot Installed
xfigFigure drawing program for XNot Installed
xgraphGraphing program for XNot Installed
xgraspGrasp format animation viewerNot Installed
xlessXbased less (a better "more")Not Installed
xliImage display utility (xsetbg xview)Not Installed
xmeterXbased system perf monitorNot Installed
xmgrExploratory Data Analysis toolNot Installed
xpaintSimple X paint program ver. 2.1.1Not Installed
xphoonX PHase of the mOONNot Installed
xplaygizmoUtility to play audio files for XNot Installed
xpmX PixMap library routinesNot Installed
xrnUsenet news reader for XNot Installed
xspreadSimple X spreadsheet toolNot Installed
xvInteractive image display for XNot Installed
xvgrObsolete use "xmgr" insteadNot Installed
xviewglGrasp library viewer for XNot Installed
xxgdbX windowing interface to GDBNot Installed
xyzzyMagic wordNot Installed
zipInfoZip package and compression utilitiesUpgraded
zlibLibs needed for gimpUpgraded

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