Peace Pole Dedication Ceremony

PEACE Pole Dedication Ceremony September 21, 12:45 pm

Drumming (Manhattan UUFM Drumming group)

Welcome, with introduction of Pat Embers and call for silence

Smudging of Pole - Pat

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If you are able, you are invited to touch the earth, linking your desire for peace with the good earth – home for all beings.

Susan Allen: Statement of Purpose: Thanks to donors and artisans.

What Campaign for Nonviolence has initiated in the past 10 years. Hopes/aspirations

Thea Nietfeld: I invite us to dedicate this K-State peace pole.

Dedication Litany - Thea

Intro: There will be 4 brief dedication statements. Everyone is invited to respond together with the message of the pole: May peace prevail on earth.

We dedicate this K-State peace pole, here at the UFM, – which houses the Campaign for Nonviolence Office – here at the corner of Manhattan Ave and Thurston Street -- to honor the spirit and initiatives toward everyday nonviolence and a just and safe community.


We dedicate this peace pole as one of 3 in Manhattan and one of thousands around the world – each uniquely beautiful. We honor Masahisa Goi, Japanese poet and philosopher who started the peace pole project in 1955 as a response to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. Cultures and peoples can choose to celebrate those who respond to violence with creative assertions of peace.


We dedicate our educations – formal and informal, service learning and academic – to include cultivating awareness, knowledge, and skills for peacemaking. Each of us has a unique contribution to offer toward being the change that is needed for sustainable life.


Grateful for this K-State peace pole as a beautiful reminder, we dedicate ourselves to keeping peace ever present in our minds and hearts. May we return to visit this peace pole as a breathing space where we can renew our expectations and hopes for everyday and global peace.



“Namaste” - the divine in me greets and acknowledges the divine in you –

and the dedication will be complete.