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Kansas State University

About Nonviolence Works


In our nonviolence work at K-State... We are defining violence and nonviolence within a dynamic, interlocking web of problems and outcomes, not as "black or white" polarities. Violence is individual and institutional, personal and political. It might be silence, bullying, harassment, physical assault, suicide; oppression, exploitation, war... Violence is injustice that results in dysfunctional, imbalanced relationships -- among people, groups, nations; people and our environment, even within one body or mind.  Nonviolence in this context means moving toward dynamic balance - justice, health, peace - by devising creative interventions into the dysfunctional systems -- ideally, before a crisis occurs; but with conflict resolution, direct action and other creative, nonviolent methods, afterwards. Nonviolent action generates win-win outcomes for inevitable conflict and change; it moves toward better balance in relationships with the goals of wholeness and sustainability."

Allen, Susan L., "Activist Media Anthropology - Antidote to Extremist Worldviews,"  in Media Anthropology (Sage, May 2005)