Caring For The Environment Highway 177 Adopt-a Highway

A Coalition of groups from K-State and Manhattan are coming together under the banner of the K-State Social Justice Alliance to join the Kansas Department of Transportation's Adopt-A-Highway program in 2008. Nonviolence actions include caring for the relationship between humans and our environment-just like we care for our other relationships.The Campaign for Nonviolence, the women center, Nonviolence Education and the CNV Studnet group ACTION did the first clean up in January 2008. The photos below were taken near our two-mile stretch of the "Bill Snyder Highway" south of Manhattan.



The September 2008 #177 Adopt-a-Highway Clean up Crew was from K-State Ecumenical Christian Ministries

Ashley Brewer, Chelsea Rohr, Melanie Wilkos, Britny Lewis, Kelsey Duffy, Kang Wei.