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Non-Traditional & Veteran Student Services

Helpful Hints

Parking/Parking Services

If students want to park on campus, a valid parking permit is required. You obtain a parking permit and parking rules/map from Parking Services through KSIS or in Edwards Hall. This permit is sometimes referred to as a "hunting license" The best time to find a parking place on campus is before 7:30 a.m. If you are coming to campus later than that, allow plenty of time to find a parking space. You may have to walk from a distant location to your classroom building.

Some students choose to park on residential streets surrounding campus to save money. Residential streets surrounding campus have been designated as “restricted parking zones” by the city of Manhattan. If your vehicle does not have “zone permit”, it will be ticketed if parked in a restricted zone between 2am and 9am.


After you have finalized your enrollment in classes, purchase your books early to ensure having a text. Early purchase also increases the possibility of finding a "used textbook" which is less expensive. Personnel at the K-State Union Bookstore and at Varney's Book Store in Aggieville package up your textbooks if you give them the reference numbers for your courses. For returns, save your book purchase receipt and do not mark on the text. Check with the bookstores for time limitations to return books.

The cost of books and supplies will vary from course to course. However, most full time students will pay $450-$550+ each semester. Books can be sold back at a reduced price to the bookstores at the end of the semester. Often students keep their texts for reference. Some students sell their textbooks to other students or online.

Buildings and classrooms

Once you have your schedule of courses and before classes begin, take a tour of the campus to locate the buildings where you will have your classes which will help you feel more comfortable on the first day. A list of building names and abbreviations is found online. You can obtain campus maps online or from Parking Services, the Campus Police Department, the Admissions Office at 119 Anderson Hall, or at the Non-Traditional Student Services office. If you plan to drive to campus, find several alternate parking lots in case your first choice is full. This can be a great family activity.

Student planning calendar

The calendar booklet (student programmer) also lists academic, athletic, and cultural activities at the University. It has places to write in your schedule, list important campus phone numbers, and includes discount coupons. You can purchase programmers at the K-State Union Book Store or at Varney's Book Store in Aggieville. Cost is a little over $8.00.