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Selecting Child Care

When selecting child care, you may want to visit, look, and listen, asking yourself some of the following questions:

1. Who will care for your child?  What are the caregiver's qualifications?
  • Are the adults warm, understanding, accepting of children?
  • Do they know first-aid and emergency procedures, provide appealing and nutritious meals, and include snacks?
  • Are there enough adults to meet children's needs?
2. Are the daily activities provided for the children appropriate for them?
  • Is it a busy, happy place?
  • Is there plenty of uncluttered space, study and play equipment, a variety of play materials?
  • Is time given for individual attention?
3. What is the facility like?
  • Is there a place where children can play indoors and outdoors, express themselves, get along with others, satisfy their curiosity?
4. Do you and the potential child care provider share a common approach to childcare?
  • Is there an open door policy?
  • Are the discipline policy, attitude about toilet training, and feeding and eating patterns consistent with yours?
  • Are fees and financial assistance clear?


Information from Child Care in Manhattan (10/93) and Considerations in the Child-care Decision by Dr. Mary DeLuccie. Kansas State University, 1996.