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Non-Traditional & Veteran Student Services

Referral Programs

Flint Hills Child Care Resource and Referral Agency

For children with military parent only (Military parent does not need to be living with child)
2323 Anderson Avenue-Suite 250
785-532-7197 or 800-227-3578 or e-mail pketing@k-state.edu 
Patty Peschel

Provides a list of licensed or registered child care providers with vacancies matching your needs.


Kansas Association for Child Care Resource Agency

Provides a list of licensed or registered child care providers

Manhattan / Riley County Health Department

2101 Claflin Road
776-4779, ext. 240
Sandy Johnson

Lists licensed childcare providers for parents and is the office to address concerns about centers or day care homes.

Raising Riley/Smart Start Scholarships
2101 Claflin
Brandy Springer

Stop by the Family and Child Resource Center for an application and information package.

Additional Information and Resources

Child care general information and opportunities


Low- or no-cost Kansas health insurance coverage for children. Some low-income parents may also qualify for health coverage.

Mother and Child Reunion

A parenting, education, and health resource. Includes child/family stories, tips, activities, and coupons.

National Child Care Information Center

This center's website "is a national clearinghouse and technical assistance center that links parents, providers, policy-makers, researchers, and the public to early care and education information."

Additional resources

WonderWise Parent

Online, no-cost parenting courses and programs designed to assist parents in child-rearing.

Dear Neighbors program
The Ring of Valor

Provided by:

Charles A. Smith, Ph.D.
Professor and Extension Specialist
School of Family Studies and Human Services
Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas 66506