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Movies on the Grass

Movies on the Grass

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Film Resources

For each of our film showings, we try to collect resources and discussions guides that students and faculty may find useful before and after the film.  These materials take many different forms and come from varied sources.

Serious Play

Serious Play

The following are online games that teach valuable lessons, can result in real world development, and are far more than "just games."

Sample Gamified Lesson Plan

Class Discussion Questions (.docx)

In Organic We Trust

Serious Play


The following are overview slideshows and resources from a course on the historical evolution of American food systems developed by Ben Champion, K-State director of sustainability and food systems geographer.  Further questions about sources of information included in these slideshows and links can be directed to Dr. Champion.

Historical Development of U.S. Food System (.pdf)

Alternative Food System Movements (.pdf)

State of U.S. Food System (.pdf)

Compiled Resources and Links (.docx)

God Grew Tired of Us

God Grew Tired Of Us - Poster

National Geographic - General info about the film

National Geographic - "Shattering Sudan" (video)

VAD Foundation

CBS News - "How to help the Lost Boys of Sudan"

Boston Globe - "How the Lost Girls became Forgotten Girls"

Class Discussion Questions (.docx)