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Michel Lab

Michel Lab

Mailing Address
Kansas State University
Division of Biology
267 Chalmers Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506

office +1-785-532-0161
lab +1-785-532-0183
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Lab members

Kristin Michel

Kristin Michel
Associate Professor

I obtained a Diplom in Biology (M.Sc. equiv.) at the Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel, Germany, and a Ph.D. in Entomology at the University of California Riverside.  I did my Ph.D. training with Dr. Peter Atkinson working on insect transformation systems,  and subsequently worked on mosquito immunity in Dr. Fotis C. Kafatos' laboratory at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and Imperial College London. I joined the faculty in the Division of Biology at K-State in 2007.

Phone: 785-532-0161
email: kmichel@ksu.edu

Lab Manager

 Melissa Gulley

Melissa Gulley
I received my M.S.. in Biology at Kansas State University in 2013 working on serpin protein biochemistry in the Michel Laboratory. After a short interlude in Louisiana, I joined returned to the lab in June 2014 as lab manager.

Besides overseeing the daily lab business, I continue my research projects on mosquito serpins and their role potential roles in mosquito physiology.

Phone: 785-532-0183
email: mmg@ksu.edu

Research Associates

Bart Bryant

Bart Bryant
I received my Ph.D. in Biology at Kansas State University in 2008 and subsequently trained in Dr. Alex Raikhel's laboratory at the University of California Riverside. I joined the Michel Laboratory in January of 2011.

My research focuses on the analysis of hemocytes and the signal transduction pathways that lead to their proliferation and differentiation.

Phone: 785-532-0183
email: wbb@ksu.edu

Photograph of Dave Meekins

Dave Meekins
I received my Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry at the University of Kentucky in 2014 studying the structural dynamics of glucan phospatases in Dr. Matthew Gentry's lab. I joined the Michel Laboratory in July of 2014.

My research focuses on the structure-function analysis of serpins and identification of their protease targets.

Phone: 785-532-0183
email: dmeekins@ksu.edu

Xin Zhang

Xin Zhang
I received my Ph.D. in Entomology at Kansas State University in December of 2010 and subsequently joined the Michel Laboratory.

My research focuses on the analysis of extracellular protease cascades that regulate melanization in mosquitoes. My work uses a combination of biochemical and reverse genetic tools to determine how serpins regulate melanization pathways.

Phone: 785-532-0183
email: xz65@ksu.edu

Graduate Students

Victoria Davidson

Tori Davidson
I received my bachelor's degree in Microbiology from Kansas State University in 2012.  I joined the lab in the Spring of 2013 to pursue my doctorate degree, and advanced to candidacy in the fall of 2015.

My research focuses on the analysis of extracellular protease cascades that regulate the innate immune system in mosquitoes. For these investigations, I am establishing novel fungal and bacterial challenge models in mosquitoes that I use to probe the Toll pathway in the African malaria mosquito, Anopheles gambiae.

Phone: 785-532-0161
email: victorea@k-state.edu

 Mary (MK) Mills

 MK (Mary) Mills
I graduated with a B.A. in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Spanish from Georgia Southern University in 2012. I joined the Michel lab in Fall 2012, and passed my prelimas in the fall of 2014. My research focuses on reverse genetic analyses of the biting midge Culicoides sonorensis. I specifically study the role of RNAi in transmission of Epizootic hemorrhagic fever virus, an orbivirus that causes an acute of often fatal disease in wild ruminants.  

Phone: 785-532-0161
email: mm02463@ksu.edu

Undergraduate Students

Tanner Matson

Tanner Matson
I am a Junior at Kansas State University, double majoring in Biology and Entomology.  I joined the Michel lab in the Fall of 2014, and my main responsibility is taking care of the mosquito colonies and assisting with general lab maintenance.

I am currently pursuing a summer internship at the Smithsonian Institute assisting Dr. Mike Gates, and look forward ot returning to the lab in the Fall.

 Phone: 785-532-0161

 Konner Winkley

  Konner Winkley
I am a Senior in Biology at Kansas State University. I joined the Michel lab in the Fall of 2013.

I manage the Anopheles gambiae mosquito colonies in the insectary and contribute to general lab maintenance. In addition, I explore the functions of signaling pathways on fungal and bacterial infections in mosquitoes. This research was funded initially by an A&S undergraduate research award, and is now supported by a K-INBRE student scholarship.

 Phone: 785-532-0161
email: kmwinkley@k-state.edu