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News and Communications Services

2013-2014 Scholarship Recipients (Over $1000)

Kearny County

Deerfield: Kaitlin Morgan, John and Dorothy Perrier Scholarship; Kelsey Scheuerman, Beth Stewart Rogers Memorial Music Education Scholarship; Kelsey Scheuerman, The Stratton-Farrell Memorial Scholarship Fund and KSU Alumni Association Scholarships and Matthew Anthony, Foundation Scholarship – U.

Lakin: Tanner Berning, Queen of the Pantry Memorial Scholarship; Christian Blackburn, K-State Singers Scholarship, K-State Music Guild Medallion Scholarship and Marion H. Pelton Keyboard Scholarship; Elyssa Blackburn, David and Eileen Simmons Education Scholarship; Robert Dunlap, KSU Marching Band Scholarship, Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence and Elsie Wall Vesco Scholarship;Jordan Garcia, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships; Jayce Stabel, Albert P. Haeberle College of Agriculture Memorial Scholarship

Kingman County

Cheney: Anne Elpers, K-State Transfer Academic Award and Phebe Bissell Memorial Scholarship in Human Ecology.

Cunningham: Amelia Govert, Joseph T. and Ann L. Davis Memorial Scholarship and Glen C. and Doris M. Neill Memorial Scholarship; Casey Hageman, W. E. Long Scholarship; Bayleigh Meyers, Achievement Award and Gasaway Family Scholarship

Kingman: Tyler Albright, Foundation Scholarship; Alex Harden, Leadership Scholarship; Christian Maude, College of Education Alumni Scholarship; Clinton Meyer, A&S Undergrad Research Scholarship; Maegan Osner, Activity Scholarship; Rachel Schrag, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship, Leadership Scholarship, Henry S. Blake Scholarship in Journalism, Virginia Howe Scholarship in Journalism and Mass Communications, D. Leckron-Miller and William J. Miller Journalism Scholarship and Sarah Watson Memorial Scholarship in Journalism.

Murdock: Jacob Kostner, Foundation Scholarship – U, Gayle Foster Alumni Club Scholarship.

Nashville: Kristen Fischer, K-State Transfer Academic Award; Etna King Pilcher Memorial Scholarship and Rathbone Scholarship.

Norwich: Sierra Davila, Memorial Scholarship, Norwich High School Scholarship; Marching Pride Scholars.

Pretty Prairie: Mike Meng, Foundation Scholarship - U; G.E. Johnson Engineering Scholarship and Nick Meng, Leadership Scholarship.

Rago: Mariah Miller, Ellis Foundation Scholarship Match.

Spivey:: Jonathan Gooden, Putnam Scholarship and Gayle Foster Alumni Club Scholarship.

Zenda: Kyle McCormack, Levi E. and Hazel Zimmerman Milling Scholarship

Kiowa County

Greensburg: Chloe Enfield, Activity Scholarship; Kristen Spainhour, Achievement Award; Kristen Spainhour, Memorial Scholarship; Bryce Yohn, Foundation for Engineering at Kansas State University Fund.

Haviland: Rebekah Fillmore, Achievement Award; Kadie Larsh, Medallion Scholarship and Aubrey E. and Jewel L. Bilger Scholarship.

Mullinville: Rustin Ardery, Achievement Award , Kenneth E. Rice Scholarship; Ray A. and Anna B. Zimmerman Scholarship; Keenan Behee, Opportunity Scholarship; Halie Headrick, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship, Achievement Award; KSU Alumni Association Scholarships; David Leos, Memorial Scholarship; Montana Ralstin, Leadership Scholarship and Jack L. and Pauline Bond Scholarship.