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News and Communications Services

2013-2014 Scholarship Recipients (Over $1,000)


Bakersfield: Jennifer McCown, Honors Scholarship, A.W. Michael and William Michael Scholarship; Joahna Roney, Robert K. and Dale J. Weary Scholarship

Brea: Nicolas Baran, General Academic Scholarship Fund, Heinz Family Scholarship, Max D. Bishop Memorial Scholarship

Burbank: Garett Ludlum, Salina Scholarship-Housing

Carmel: Elizabeth Taylor, Miles Fund -- Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

Chula Vista: Rickey Deo, General Academic Scholarship Fund

Coto De Caza: Megan Wheeler, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, Honors Scholarship

Desert Hot Springs: Madison Moniz, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, Memorial Scholarship

Dublin: Kaley Oldani, Albert Niu Lin Scholarship in Civil

Escondido: Alex Achten, Memorial Scholarship, Max E. and Jean Hollinger Scholarship in Journalism and Mass

Fillmore: Brooke Aguirre, Agricultural Enhancement Fund

Fillmore: Brooke Aguirre, Denison Scholarship, George A. and Esther Filinger Memorial Scholarship

Fort Irwin: Ivy Calvert, Leadership Scholarship, The Jerry and Kay Langenkamp Voice Scholarship, Home Economics Alumni Scholarship

Fountain Valley: Wendy Lai, William and Mary E. Heaton Memorial Student Aid Fund, David Alan Kesler Memorial Scholarship

Fremont: Wendy Coleman, Educational Opportunity Fund

Fullerton: Katherine Gutierrez, Cleve Humbert Study Abroad Scholarship, William and Mary E. Heaton Memorial Student Aid Fund;Joseph Maxwell, Honors Scholarship

Garden Grove: Joel Garcia, Memorial Scholarship

Hayward: Sandra Huerta, Timothy R. Donoghue Graduate Scholarship;

Huntington Beach: Lacee Oliver, Russell and Margaret Oliver Scholarship and Loan; Jessica Wayland, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, Memorial Scholarship

Keller: Alyssa Contreras, Edwin G. Brychta and Lillian J. Brychta Scholarship

Laguna Hills: Sierra Lynn Mackey, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, Honors Scholarship

Lancaster: Allison Fehr, College of Education Alumni Scholarship; Kelsey Jepson, Kathleen Newell Graduate Scholarship in Nutrition

Long Beach: Michael Duff, Telefund

Manhattan Beach: Alyson Post, Telefund

Moorpark: Henley Adkins, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, General Academic Scholarship Fund

Newbury Park: Jessica St Aubin, General Academic Scholarship

Orange: Gregory Rieber, Denison Scholarship

Pacific Grove: Holly Williams, Division of Continuing Education Scholarhship for Distance Education

Porterville: Nicole Fantasia, Denison Scholarship

Rancho Cucamonga: Ryane Geter, Memorial Scholarship

Rancho Santa Margarita: Allison Thiermann, Honors Scholarship

Rohnert Park: Heidi Weil, Marjorie McCall Hemphill Award, LeVelle Wood Scholarship Fund

San Bernardino: Andrew McCallister, Memorial Scholarship;

San Diego: Brian Heinz, Heritage Award; Caitlin Sullivan, Telefund Scholarship

San Marino: Jessica Martinoff, Memorial Scholarship

Santa Ana: Kennedy Year, Catherine Bell-Pomeroy and George Pomeroy Architectural Scholarship

Santa Clara: Timothy Tse, Heinz Family Scholarship

Santa Rosa: Sydney Bowen, Darin Eugene Golay Memorial Scholarship in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Hospitality Management Society Scholarship, Anna Maude Smith Fund for Students in Home Economics

Saugus: Rachael Luna, Salina Scholarship-Housing, Salina Scholarship-Tuition, Honors Scholarship

Thousand Oaks: Mark Hay, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship, Heritage Award, Winona Starkey Memorial Scholarship, Donald and Linda Dressler Dance Scholarship; Travis Severt, Timothy R. Donoghue Graduate Scholarship

Topanga: Kolle Kahle Riggs, Timothy R. Donoghue Graduate Scholarship, Art Scholarships

Upland: Dillon Sapp, Russell and Margaret Oliver Scholarship and Loan; Cameron Savage, Transfer Honors Scholarship; Phillip Youdath, Russell and Margaret Oliver Scholarship and Loan

Vista: Mary Hunt, Harold Swartley Agronomy Scholarship, Mary Lucille and Walter Abmeyer Scholarship; Natalie Muirhead, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, William and Mary E. Heaton Memorial Student Aid Fund

Walnut Creek: Javier Lopez, Denison Scholarship, McCain Commemorative Scholarship

Westminster: Rene Le, Memorial Scholarship; Doan Pham, Memorial Scholarship, Robert Morgan FAIA and Janet Morgan NOMAS Scholarship

Yreka: Zachary Salvestro, Gladwin A. Read Memorial Fund


Arvada: Stuart Disberger, H.W. Wilkison and Mary Wilkison Scholarship; Zachary Disberger, Heritage Award, H.W. Wilkison and Mary Wilkison Scholarship; Abigail Hegarty, Heritage Award; Chandra Lodl, Dorothy J. Paramore Memorial Scholarship; Heather McDougall, Denison Scholarship;

Aurora: Emma Auriemma Chambers, Activity Scholarship, Proud to be a Wildcat Scholarship; Austin Butterfield, Alpha C and Esther Latzke Scholarship; Montera Duncan, Memorial Scholarship; Julia George, Heritage Award; Sierra Melendez, Honors Scholarship; Tate Nystrom, Honors Scholarship; Grayson Wagner, General Academic Scholarship Fund

Austin: Stephanie Conley, William and Mary E. Heaton Memorial Student Aid Fund, Leslie W. Beckman and Edna L. Beckman Memorial Scholarship, Leonard E. Hays Animal Husbandry Scholarship Fund

Burlington: Spencer Cure, General Academic Scholarship Fund; Riley Holmes, Soaring with Eagles Scholarship, Rathbone Scholarship, Dale Edwin and Nadean Joyce Zabel Engineering Scholarship; James Murphy, Charles W. Shaver Memorial Scholarship; Hanna Penny, General Academic Scholarship Fund, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship

Castle Rock: Benjamin Daley, Memorial Scholarship; Brian Eller, Heritage Award; Blair Stephenson, John W. and Hazel M. Jenner Scholarship; Brianna Thrailkill, Transfer Heritage Scholarship

Centennial: Jamie Causey, Honors Scholarship; Taylor Eads, Heritage Award; Erik Garcia, Timothy R. Donoghue Graduate Scholarship; Michelle Gutknecht, Purple and White Scholarship, Vernon Wegerer Architectural Engineering Scholarship; Evan Lanning, Robert K. and Dale J. Weary Scholarship; Jordan Spratt, Heritage Award, Elmer J. and Margaret I. Affleck Gardner Memorial Scholarship; Joshua Sundine, Denison Scholarship, Glen O. and Charlene Schwandt Memorial Scholarship Fund; Kylie Watson, General Academic Scholarship Fund; Taylor Wilson, Heritage Award, Edwin G. Brychta and Lillian J. Brychta Scholarship

Cheyenne Wells: Trenton Akers, Honors Scholarship, Duane and Pauline Murphy Scholarship

Colorado Springs: Madeline Batchelder, Heritage Award; Rae Hauff, General Academic Scholarship Fund, Farris Family Architecture Scholarship; Torrance Hollins, Salina Scholarship-Flight, Salina Scholarship-Housing; Lucas Plant, Purple and White Scholarship, Engineering Scholarship; Nicolas Rainford, Salina Scholarship-Flight, Salina Scholarship-Housing, Honors Scholarship; Hannah Rogers, William and Mary E. Heaton Memorial Student Aid Fund, Wilma Johnston and Jean Hollis Modern Language Scholarship, Megan Elizabeth Taylor Memorial Scholarship in Modern Languages; Tess Rychener, General Academic Scholarship Fund, George Irvine Agricultural Scholarship; Christopher Sanford, Honors Scholarship; Madeline Schneider, Honors Scholarship; Matthew Skarin, Purple and White Scholarship, Louis A. Jr. and Janetann Meilink Scholarship in Architecture; Ryan Toal, Salina Scholarship-Flight, Salina Scholarship-Housing; Salina Scholarship-Tuition, Honors Scholarship; Caitlyn Webb, Foundation Scholarship-U, William Haak Scholarship Fund; Paul Wickert, Purple and White Scholarship

Denver: Madeline Appel, General Academic Scholarship Fund; Elizabeth Haddox, Purple and White Scholarship, Samuel R. Hogue Landscape Architecture Scholarship; Angel Llanes, Housing Leadership Award, Purple and White Scholarship; Michael Moore, Honors Scholarship; Miles Williams, Honors Scholarship

Divide: Kelsey Helland, Purple and White Scholarship

Eaton: Mikaela Vetters, Telefund

Englewood: Madison Anderson, Transfer Honors Scholarship; Kaitlin Bernal, Honors Scholarship

Evans: Jason Koban, Transfer Honors Scholarship

Evergreen: Adrienne Besler, Heritage Award, Wiltfong Family Leadership Scholarship

Flagler: Melissa Poet, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, Denison Scholarship

Fort Collins: Amelia Eads, Heritage Award, Olive Reed Schafer and Robert T. Schafer Human Ecology Scholarship; Brenna Hayes, Ernest L. and Hettie C. Lahr Scholarship; Anna Schneeberger, Honors Scholarship; Tyler Struckhoff, General Academic Scholarship Fund; Tyler Thull, Heritage Award, Wiltfong Family Leadership Scholarship, Geoffrey Jon Peggs Memorial Scholarship

Franktown: Amanda Peppers, Transfer Honors Scholarship

Glenwood Springs: Cody Derby, Transfer Honors Scholarship, Ruth Hoeflin Home Economics Scholarship

Granada: Brittani Widener, Transfer Honors Scholarship

Greeley: Sarah Swenson, Heritage Award, College of Education Alumni Scholarship, Decker and Lela Mosier Education Scholarship

Highlands Ranch: Samantha Alexander, General Academic Scholarship Fund; Marissa Bartosch, Heritage Award, Wiltfong Family Leadership Scholarship; Kelby Burton, Student Opportunity Awards: K-State Proud; Jared Hulse, Salina Scholarship-Flight, Salina Scholarship-Housing, Salina Scholarship-Tuition, Kayla Jurrens, Honors Scholarship, Kinesiology Scholarship Fund; Madeline Lucas, General Academic Scholarship Fund, John M. Cranor Jr. Memorial Scholarship; Tyler Patterson, Heritage Award, Easborn and Esther H. Rusco Memorial Scholarship; Amanda Ross, Purple and White Scholarship; Catherine Ross, Denison Scholarship; Ann Vosbeek, Purple and White Scholarship; Brandi Worster, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship, Heritage Award

Kit Carson: Cecilia Hornung, Denison Scholarship

Lafayette: Jordan Jackson, Memorial Scholarship

Lamar: Mark Siemsen, Heritage Award, Warren and Mary Lynn Staley Engineering Excellence Scholarship; Robin Siemsen, Heritage Award

Littleton: Nicole Baccarella, Honors Scholarship; Evan Ann Boose, Heritage Award, J. Griffith Chitty Scholarship; Joshua Langford, J. Griffith Chitty Scholarship;Mackenzie Mong, Student Governing Association Leadership Award, Honors Scholarship, Soaring with Eagles Scholarship; Courtney Nicholson, Kansas City Steak Company Expendable Scholarship, Leslie W. Beckman and Edna L. Beckman Memorial Scholarship; Sarah Price, Transfer Honors Scholarship; Jacob Riedel, Heritage Award, Hollis Family Legacy Scholarship, Lisa Ringstrand, Purple and White Scholarship; Brianna Stevens, Purple and White Scholarship; Maureen Stott, Heritage Award; Olivia Van Hook, Denison Scholarship; Erin Walker, Denison Scholarship;

Longmont: Garrett Lloyd, KSU Marching Band Scholarship, Marching Pride Scholars; Katelyn Meek, Ernest L. and Hettie C. Lahr

Louisville: Jenelle Tennigkeit, Purple and White Scholarship; Jeff Cutberth, Excellence in Architecture Scholarship

Matheson: Andrew Scherrer, Purple and White Scholarship

McCoy: Abigail Horn, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, Honors Scholarship

Montrose: Andrea Jeffrey, Kelce Foundation Scholarships, Leslie W. Beckman and Edna L. Beckman Memorial Scholarship, Leonard E. Hays Animal Husbandry Scholarship Fund

Monument: Brandi Schneweis, Ernest L. and Hettie C. Lahr Scholarship

Niwot: Keith Bullinger, Heritage Award, K-State Sports Car Club Scholarship, Ernest L. and Hettie C. Lahr Scholarship, June D. Hull Sherrid Cancer Center Scholarship and Education Fund

Otis: Emily Mollohan, Agricultural Economics Emeritus Faculty & Friends Scholarship

Parker: Ryan Albers, Salina Scholarship-Housing, Salina Scholarship-Tuition, Heritage Award; Nicholle Hatton, General Academic Scholarship Fund; Rachel Jackson, Alpha C. and Esther Latzke Scholarship; Ryan Jackson, J. Griffith Chitty Scholarship; Samantha Kannawin, Honors Scholarship, Darlene J. Meisner Peniston Memorial Scholarship; Kelsey Lind, Purple and White Scholarship; Amory Neal, Salina Scholarship-Housing, Salina Scholarship-Tuition; Julia Nyiro, John W. and Hazel M. Jenner Scholarship, G.E. Johnson Engineering Scholarship; Tyler Reilly, Ernest L. and Hettie C. Lahr Scholarship; Cassidy Schaub, Edwin G. Brychta and Lillian J. Brychta Scholarship; Douglas Shelton, Transfer Honors Scholarship, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship

Peyton: Hannah Worcester, Patricia Farrow Raskob Financial Planning Scholarship

Pueblo: Jillian Genandt, Heritage Award, Mary Sisson Dey Morris Memorial Scholarship

Salida: Travis Denison, Mary Lucille and Walter Abmeyer Scholarship

Sedalia: Dain Susman, Purple and White Scholarship

Steamboat Springs: Eryn Rinck, Heritage Award, Alpha C. and Esther Latzke Scholarship

Sterling: Bryce Cummings, Purple and White Scholarship, David Alan Kesler Memorial Scholarship; Kristen Keelan, Kelce Foundation Scholarships

Stratton: Zachariah Cooper, Agricultural Enhancement Fund Heritage Award, Wiltfong Family Leadership Scholarship; Kyle May, General Academic Scholarship Fund

Walden: Bryan Lytle, College of Architecture, Planning and Design Dean's Advisory Council Fund, Honors Scholarship

Wheat Ridge: Leah Sugai, Heritage Award, Kile Endowed Scholarship

Woodland Park: Eric Dernbach, Purple and White Scholarship; Chelsea Marquette, K-State Transfer Academic Award, Ellen and Wayne Evans Human Ecology Scholarship


East Granby: Alana Bouchard, Heritage Award

Ellington: Christine Spartz, Heritage Award, Baldwin Reinhold Jr. Undergraduate Scholarship in Chemistry, Future Chemists Scholarship

Killingworth: Henry Fulner, Heritage Award

Mansfield Center: Amanda Dainton, Honors Scholarship and ADM Alliance Nutrition Feed Science Scholarship