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Note to editors: This list includes only the names of students who have received scholarships that total $1,000 or more. Kansas recipients are listed by county and hometown.
Website: http://www.k-state.edu/sfa
News release prepared by: Megan Molitor, 785-532-3452, molitor@k-state.edu

Monday, Dec. 5, 2011

Hard work pays off: K-State students receive more than 9,500 scholarships

MANHATTAN -- More than 9,500 academic scholarships have been awarded to Kansas State University students for the 2011-2012 school year. Overall, K-State students have earned more than $18.5 million in scholarships.

Most of the scholarships are made possible through donations and gifts to the Kansas State University Foundation. Information on K-State student financial assistance is available at http://www.k-state.edu/sfa.

Students receiving scholarships totaling more than $1,000 include:


Belpre: Tyler Thomas Gleason, Medallion Scholarship

Larned: Brian Daniel Carlton, Transfer Scholarship; Ezra T Hallman, Kenneth D. and Mary E. Hewson Engineering Scholarship and The Melba Cornwell Budge Piano Pedagogy Fellowship; Dennan Trey Morrow, Transfer Scholarship; Augie Roy Morton, Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Acadademic Scholarship; Karlee Rainbolt, Tami D. Borck Memorial Scholarship, First in Class Scholarship, KSU Alumni Association Clubs Scholarship and Leon E. and Mildred P. Smith Memorial Scholarship; Kayla J Schmidt, Tami D. Borck Memorial Scholarship



Agra: Taylor Dane Shaffer, National Science Foundation Elite Scholarship

Kirwin: Jake Bradford Wyrill, Walter E. Gilmore Memorial Scholarship in Agronomy

Phillipsburg: John Charles Boyington, Foundation Scholarship and Dane Hansen Foundation Scholarship; Garrett A Kennedy, Mary Lucille and Walter Abmeyer Scholarship and Dane Hansen Foundation Scholarship; Cody Kennedy, Dane Hansen Foundation Scholarship and Leadership Scholarship; Brett Dane Mcclain, Kendell Aileen Sobering Memorial Scholarship; Halee Marie Thompson, Leadership Scholarship

Prairie View: Shaley Annamarie Van Loenen, Business Administration Telefund Fund



Frontenac: Logan Dawn Falletti, Arts and Sciences Excellence Scholarship and Foundation Scholarship



Belvue: Christopher Ross Umscheid, Memorial Scholarship

Blaine: Stacey Alma Looper, Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Acadademic Scholarship

Emmett: Kassidy Dawn Robbins, Leadership Scholarship

Havensville: David Anthony Heideman, Southern States Cooperative Feed Manufacturing Scholarship; Jordan Daniel Reisinger, Foundation Scholarship; Daniel James Todd, Moden Family College of Business and John H. Tietze Scholarship

Louisville: Chelsea Ann Prockish, Business Administration Telefund Fund

Manhattan:Cheryl Ann Cleary, Allison Army ROTC Scholarship; Lucas Coyne Commerford, Leadership Scholarship; Sierra Destiny Derusha, Achievement Award; Elizabeth Ford, J.E. and Mary J. Zimmerman Scholarship and The Producers and Texas Livestock Marketing Association of Kansas City Student Scholarship and Enrichment Fund; Thomas Kelsham Fullagar, Arts and Sciences Excellence Scholarship and Henry J. Putnam Memorial Scholarship; Virginia Amanda Griese, Medallion Scholarship; Gavin Taylor Hairgrove, Cargill Project Impact Scholarship, Dean's Choice Scholarship and Memorial Scholarship; Mindy Hodges, Engineering Scholarship; Erin E. Keeley, Arts and Sciences Excellence Scholarship; Siera Lynne Lungren, Oliver Reed and Robert T. Schafer Scholarship; Brianne Lynn Porter, Ernst & Young Accounting Scholarship; Colten Taylor Smith, Achievement Award; Matthew Thomas Wright, Leroy and Janice Huseman Family Scholarship

Olsburg: Makenna Frances Dehart, Dean's Choice Scholarship; Chelsea Marie Ahlquist, Charles W. and Lois H. Nauheim Scholarship in Agronomy

Onaga: Elaina DoVeta Broughman, Leadership Scholarship; Tyler Andrew Helget, J.E. McManis Memorial Scholarship; Kylar Gerard Meyer, Achievement Award

Saint George: Chelsea Elizabeth Ebert, Activity Scholarship; Elizabeth Joy Harner, Ethel P. and Francis E. Carpenter Scholarship and T. Hobart and Marion Brown McVay Scholarship; Bobbie Jo Horocofsky, George S. and Monita M. Timmons Scholarship; Daina Jean Iman, Jody Borders Memorial Scholarship; Christopher L Miller, Charles D. Singleton GSI Scholarship; Natalie Donella Shoemaker, Larry W. King Scholarship; Melissa H Shoemaker, W.F. and Lucille Farrell Scholarship Fund; Brian Glenn Sixbury, Arts and Sciences Excellence Scholarship; Elsa Del Pilar Toburen, KSU President's Employee Scholarship; Tyler Thomas Umscheid, Stanley G. Wendland Memorial Scholarship

Saint Marys: Nicholas James Bomberger, Transfer Scholarship; Abigail Fiedler, Achievement Award and Dean's Choice Scholarship; Laura Marie Grauerholz, Dean's Choice Scholarship; Hali Jo Hutley, John W. and Hazel M. Jenner Scholarship; Marianne Catherine Maddeford, Virginia N Gibson Scholarship; Sarah Lynn Mathe, Centennial Initiative Fund and Sarah Lynn Mathe, Feed Technology Scholarship in Feedstuffs; Kayla Marie Moylan, Bramlage Willcoxon Scholarship in Education and

Kayla Marie Moylan, Leadership Scholarship; Amanda Kay Pedersen, Memorial Scholarship; Heather Perry, Memorial Scholarship; Allison Marie Skees, The Robert D. Linder History Scholarship

Wamego: Christopher David Barnhart, Denison Scholarship; Richard Wellington Biswell, Achievement Award and Ardyce Hanson Pierce Memorial Scholarship; Graham Robert Briggs, Dean's Choice Scholarship; Travis Glenn Briggs, Foundation Scholarship; Alison Marlene Burton, Edith and Harry Darby Scholarship and Leadership Scholarship; Benjamin George Chmiel, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship; Jacob A Cox, Hansen-Rice, Inc. Scholarship in Construction Science and Management; Elizabeth Elmore, Ernest L. and Lou R. Adams Scholarship Fund in Agriculture; Kristen Lynn Everett, Activity Scholarship; Katherine Renae Good, Activity Scholarship; Trisha A Grothe, John H. Tietze Scholarship; Kaitlin Amelia Haukos, William and Mary E. Heaton Memorial Scholarship; Abigail Margaret Huddleston, Dean's Choice Scholarship and Foundation Scholarship; Clara Hannah Kientz, Memorial Scholarship; Alicia Kolek Kilian, W.E. Long Scholarship and Henry J. Putnam Memorial Scholarship; Catherina Bailey Krehbiel, Adult Education Scholarship; Sydney Jean Lippman, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship; Cody Malchose, Fairchild Scholarship; Trenton Joseph Modean, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship; Ryan Patrick Mullins, Leadership Scholarship; Conner Wynn Nickerson, Virginia N Gibson Scholarship; Amanda Rae Oakley, John M. Cranor Jr. Memorial Scholarship; Carter Thomas Olson, Foundation Scholarship and Earl and Molly McVicker Business Scholarship; Bethany Deanna Sanderson, McVay Scholarship; William Patrick Trieb, Lester L. Christopher Memorial Scholarship; Andrea Lynn VonFeldt, Helen Jones Manus Memorial Scholarship; Kelly Jean Whitehair, Joan Coleman Graduate Fellowship; Mark Andrew Wilson, Burton Aviation Fund

Westmoreland: Angel Roselee Alvarado, Hensel Phelps Scholarship; John Scott Frank, Activity Scholarship; Megan Elizabeth Jilka, Herbert H. and Neva J. Blevins Scholarship, W.F. and Lucille Farrell Scholarship Fund, Alvin E. and A. Katherine Mulanax Scholarship and Business Administration Telefund Fund; Elizabeth Renee Kieffer, Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Acadademic Scholarship

Wheaton: Jamie Rae Fischer, First in Class Scholarship and Foundation Scholarship; Rebecca Marie Kohman, Dean's Choice Scholarship, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship and Woodhull Family College Scholarship



Iuka: Abraham Albertus Cilliers, National Science Foundation Elite Scholarship,

Salina Housing Scholarship and Salina Tuition Scholarship

Pratt: Caleb Gillig, Grace D. Brill Memorial Scholarship; Kaylee Dawn Gripe, Transfer Academic Scholarship; Paul Harris, Arts and Sciences Excellence Scholarship; Katharine Elizabeth Hart, Activity Scholarship; Megan Marie Kennedy, Medallion Scholarship; Melissa Renee McGuire, Leadership Scholarship; Nathan James Southard, Engineering Scholarship; Luke John Southard, Richard D. Teichgraeber Electrical Engineering Scholarship, Margaret Mills Ruckert Memorial Scholarship and Dr. Thomas G. Swaney Memorial Scholarship; Jakob Wayne Whitson, Business Administration Telefund Fund