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Note to editors: This list includes only the names of students who have received scholarships that total $1,000 or more. Kansas recipients are listed by county and hometown.
Website: http://www.k-state.edu/sfa
News release prepared by: Megan Molitor, 785-532-3452, molitor@k-state.edu

Monday, Dec. 5, 2011

Hard work pays off: K-State students receive more than 9,500 scholarships

MANHATTAN -- More than 9,500 academic scholarships have been awarded to Kansas State University students for the 2011-2012 school year. Overall, K-State students have earned more than $18.5 million in scholarships.

Most of the scholarships are made possible through donations and gifts to the Kansas State University Foundation. Information on K-State student financial assistance is available at http://www.k-state.edu/sfa.

Students receiving scholarships totaling more than $1,000 include:


Florence: Danielle Elizabeth Cope, Gladwin A. Read Memorial Fund; Jaclyn Elizabeth Deforest, George and Mary Gephart Scholarship; Alexandria Nicole Rupp, George and Mary Gephart Scholarship

Lincolnville: Ripley Kaleane Howard, Activity Scholarship; Tyler Klenda, Edward Arthur Harris and Lydia Catherine McNeal Harris Scholarship

Marion: Erica S. Geis, Paul and Deana Strunk Scholarship in Geology and Ada Swineford Scholarship in Geology; Patrick John Hodson, Fairchild Scholarship, Memorial Scholarship and Patrick John Hodson, H.G. and Carol M. Manglesdorf Scholarship; Tonya Hodson, The Marian W. 'Dolly' Hardman Endowment; Marion: Patrick John Hodson and Transfer Scholarship; Louis John Scott Holt, Transfer Academic Scholarship; Michael E Kirkpatrick, Activity Scholarship; Landon Kriss Leiker, Foundation Scholarship; Landon Kriss Leiker, K-State Civic Leadership Scholarship; Landon Kriss Leiker, Nancy Landon Kassebaum Scholarship; Landon Kriss Leiker, Tomorrow's Teacher Scholarship; Drew Jacob Maddox, Business Administration Telefund Fund; Randal Ernest Regnier, R. Ray and Marian E. Carothers Scholarships; Derek Michael Stuchlik, R. Ray and Marian E. Carothers Scholarship and Henry J. Putnam Memorial Scholarship; Eric William Vogel, Business Administration Telefund Fund

Peabody: Emily Renee Harris, Memorial Scholarship; Joshua Klarmann, Memorial Scholarship and Tomorrow's Teacher Scholarship; Michaela Lee Methvin, Activity Scholarship; Kendall Wade Wiebe, Transfer Academic Scholarship

Ramona: Cole Joseph Svoboda, Jim Buchanan Scholarship and R. Ray and Marian E. Carothers Scholarships

Lost Springs: Katie Lyn Remy, Activity Scholarship



Axtell: John Paul Heiman, Achievement Award; Scott Kenneth Koch, Fred and Betty Stocks Memorial Scholarship; Michelle Lynn Peschel, Activity Scholarship; Adam Lawrence Ronnebaum, Mary Lucille and Walter Abmeyer Scholarship; Jason Ronnebaum, R. E. 'Gene' and Mary Beth Bonnell Scholarship; Byron Ronnebaum, National Science Foundation Elite Scholarship, Salina Housing Scholarship and Salina Tuition Scholarship; Kevin Joseph Ronnebaum, Henry J. Putnam Memorial Scholarship;Mark Alan Stallbaumer, Achievement Award

Blue Rapids: Eleanor Jeanne Musil, William Haak Scholarship

Bremen: Trista Leigh Hynek, Helen Jones Manus Memorial Scholarship

Frankfort: Kash Patrick Brown, Transfer Scholarship; Jamie Lynn Engelken, Arts and Sciences Excellence Scholarship and Danna Skipton Scholarship; Kevin Patrick Horigan, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship; and Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Acadademic Scholarship; Rebecca Ann Roeder, Gertrude Ely and Edward William Bergmann Memorial Scholarship and Leadership Scholarship; Matthew James Roeder, Leadership Scholarship and Fred and Betty Stocks Memorial Scholarship; Natasha Ruetti, Achievement Award; Elizabeth Studer, Arts and Sciences Excellence Scholarship; Vincent Paul Studer, Paul Bartak Family Scholarship; Grant Elmer Weber, Coonrod Memorial Construction Scholarship, Perry C. and Virginia H. Peine Scholarship and Rudolph & Sletten Inc. Scholarship

Home: John Isaac Busch, Leadership Scholarship

Marysville: Scotti Ann Claeys, Leadership Scholarship and The Mila and William R. Kimel Music Scholarship; Charlton Isidore Holthaus, Medallion Scholarship; Caleb Mitchell Jones, Fairchild Scholarship; Kelsey Jane Koerperich, Leo Dwerlkotte Scholarship in Agriculture; Garrett Craig Lister, Farmers National Company Foundation Scholarship, Charles W. and Lois H. Nauheim Agricultural Economics Scholarship and Garrett Craig Lister, New Family Alpha Gamma Rho Scholarship; Damen Scheele, Fairchild Scholarship; Tyler James Wright, Achievement Award

Summerfield: Tyler J Heiman, Activity Scholarship; Nathan Michael Hollis, R. E. 'Gene' and Mary Beth Bonnell Scholarship and Moden Family College of Business

Vermillion: Dylan Kramer, Dean's Choice Scholarship; Katrina Johanna Polson, Medallion Scholarship

Waterville: Aaron Mikel Boeschling, Leadership Scholarship; Tristan Dreith, Fairchild Scholarship; Chantel Nicole Niemeier, Business Administration Telefund Fund

Canton: Hannah Franzen, Foundation Scholarship and Robert W. Janzen Scholarship; Caitlin Kopf, Philip F. and Virginia B. Weaver Scholarship; Taylor Myers, Leadership Scholarship



Galva: Cayla Victoria Sommers, Cargill Project Impact Scholarship and Cayla Victoria Sommers, Leadership Scholarship; Ian Unruh, Leadership Scholarship; Kimberlin Dawn Voth, Achievement Award

Inman: Karsen Rene Brown, Ethel P. and Francis E. Carpenter Scholarship and Karsen Rene Brown, William Haak Scholarship; Derek James Ediger, Charles W. and Lois H. Nauheim Scholarship in Agricultural Economics; Taylor Scott Ediger, Olive R. and Robert T. Schafer Scholarship in Agriculture; Kaci Ann Rempe, Activity Scholarship; Seth Michael Tolle, Rathbone Scholarship; Laura Beth Wiens, Gaylor Munson Memorial Scholarship

Lindsborg: Eric Duane Douglas, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship; Koltin Howard-Talbott, Foundation Scholarship and K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship; Sarah Kellogg, College of Education Scholarship, Hucke-Wavering Scholarship and Tomorrow's Teacher Scholarship; Kirk Wallace Nelson, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship; Rachel Danielle Norberg, Dean's Choice Scholarship and Fairchild Scholarship; Megan Denise Roberts, Dean's Choice Scholarship and Foundation Scholarship; Alison Marie Sharpe, Achievement Award; Garrett Edmund Sharpe, Archie R. and Dorothy Hyle Scholarship; Natasha Shultz, Memorial Scholarship; Anna Juliet Waugh, Medallion Scholarship

Marquette: Dylan Lerue Hazelwood, Salina Housing Scholarship; Alex Michael Hedgepath, Chesapeake Energy Corporation Scholarship; Mattie Elizabeth Loder, Dean's Choice Scholarship, Mattie Elizabeth Loder, First in Class Scholarship and Mattie Elizabeth Loder, Foundation Scholarship

McPherson: Cheyanne Christine Alvarado, Arts and Sciences Excellence Scholarship; Craig William Archer, Transfer Scholarship; Jacob Benson, Arts and Sciences Excellence Scholarship and Special Presidents Scholarship; Katie Kristine Benson, Foundation Scholarship and Molly and Earl McVicker Scholarship in Human Ecology Leadership; Kristine Haley Clark, Business Administration Telefund Fund; Benjamin Clary, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship and Transfer Academic Scholarship; Max Landon Goering, Arts and Sciences Excellence Scholarship and Max Landon Goering, Leo E. Hudiburg Scholarship; Grace Anne Hageman, Dean's Choice Scholarship and Grace Anne Hageman, Foundation Scholarship; Chantalle Hanschu, Opportunity Scholarship, Security Benefit Life Political Science Scholarship and Transfer Scholarship; Cory Drew Horton, Henry J. Putnam Memorial Scholarship; Shelby Nicole Koehn, Dean's Choice Scholarship; Allison Marie Miller, Foundation Scholarship; Andrea Nowak, Dean's Choice Scholarship and Foundation Scholarship; Jacob Daniel Reese, Foundation Scholarship; Amy Michelle Sents, Veterinary Medicine Telefund Fund; David Shorman, Achievement Award; Samuel Mason Starr, Leadership Scholarship and Bill Nicholson Leadership; Jennifer Mary Steiner, Dean's Choice Scholarship and Leadership Scholarship; Ethan Edward Wagoner, Arts and Sciences Excellence Scholarship; Kari D. Wagoner, ConocoPhillips Spirit Scholars Award Fund The Kennedy and Coe, LLC Department of Accounting Fund for Excellence, Chas A. Moggie Andersonn Alumni Scholarship, Dean's Choice Scholarship and Paul B. and Sandra M. Edgerley Business Administration Leadership Scholarship; Ethan Edward Wagoner, Katherine G. Malone and Janet B. Hollis Leadership Scholarship; Chelsea Grace Willems, Elvon G. and Lydia E. Skeen Scholarship in Education and Chelsea Grace Willems, Tomorrow's Teacher Scholarship; Kevin Yoder, Engineering Scholarship

Moundridge: Reese Gehring, ConocoPhillips Spirit Scholars Award Fund; Austin Goering, Transfer Academic Scholarship; Sabrina Ann Reynolds, North American Millers Association Scholarship; Melissa Lynn Beyer, Patricia Ann Coffin Fowler Scholarship



Meade: Kaitlyn Elizabeth Dewell, Jaconette L. Tietze Memorial Scholarship



Bucyrus: Carlie Jean Houchen, Foundation Scholarship; Marisa Mae Mackey, Activity Scholarship and Dean's Choice Scholarship; Andrea Snyder, Activity Scholarship

Fontana: Jessica Rae French, John H. Tietze Scholarship

Louisburg: Kelsey Marie Coffroth, Medallion Scholarship; Jordan S. Eggers, Architecture and Design Scholarship; Megan Herren, Medallion Scholarship; Rachel Rusk, A.W. and William Michael Scholarship; John David Wildman, Foundation Scholarship

Osawatomie: Jessie Lea Adams, Achievement Award; Daniel Jeffrey Dorsett, William Haak Scholarship; Nathan William Laudan, Fay and Ship Winter Scholarship and Foundation Scholarship; Jacy Sawyer Lucas, A.B. and Sarah M. Woody Memorial Scholarship; Kayleigh Jo Shay, Achievement Award; Jessica Leigh Solo, Arthur Capper Cooperative Center Scholarship; Hannah Marie Waddle, Dean's Choice Scholarship and Hannah Marie Waddle, Foundation Scholarship; Timothy Ronald Brian Walmann, Engineering Scholarship; Kathryn Wilson, Leadership Scholarship

Paola: Jayce W. Brandt, Harold Swartley Agriculture Scholarship; Carlie Rose Gaus, American Ag Credit Scholarship; Annarose Marie Hart, H.W. and Mary Wilkison Scholarship; Joshua William Hunt, Memorial Scholarship; Wesley Kendall Hutson, Younglove Construction Scholarship in Feed Science; Bridget Marie Kennedy, Arts and Sciences Excellence Scholarship and K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship; Spencer Kurt Lickteig, Arts and Sciences Excellence Scholarship; Brogan Tyler McWilliams, Fast Enterprises LLC Scholarship; Hannah Norene Ozier, College of Education Scholarship; Elizabeth Julette Petelin, Dean's Choice Scholarship and Elizabeth Julette Petelin, Foundation Scholarship; Leah Theresa Wolff, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship and Leah Theresa Wolff, Business Administration Telefund Fund



Beloit: Corbyn Rose Broeckelman, Frank W. and Gwendolyn R. Jordan Scholarship; Ellen Ryan Collingwood, Dean's Choice Scholarship, Foundation Scholarship, Dane Hansen Foundation Scholarship and Soaring with Eagles Fellows Scholarship; Ashley Marie Eck, Charles I. Rankin Scholarship in Education; Karl Dawn Hobbs, Gaylor Munson Memorial Scholarship; Robert Brian Ludwig, Foundation Scholarship; Robert Brian Ludwig, Dane Hansen Foundation Scholarship; Chantell Dawn Lyle, Achievement Award; Dyllan Nuzum, Dane Hansen Foundation Scholarship; Jordan Ranae Roberts, Donald and Linda Dressler Dance Scholarship; Braden Pearce Sahlfeld, Memorial Scholarship

Glen Elder: Shandee Beth Porter, Achievement Award

Hunter: Justin Alan Brock, Mark Rodney Westervelt Memorial Scholarship; Mitchell Ryan Keller, Achievement Award; Nathan Watson, Leo C. Joanne M. Klameth Scholarship; Nathan Watson, Research Products Company Scholarship

Tipton: Amber Lynn Corpstein, Leadership Scholarship; Marcie Ann Corpstein, Helen C. Schutte Memorial Scholarship; Josef Michael Smith, Activity Scholarship



Caney: Matthew Ryan Barlow, Memorial Scholarship; Rachel Ann Estes, Leadership Scholarship; Caitlin Estes, Business Administration Telefund Fund; Christopher Keton Henry, NACME Scholarships

Coffeyville: Shari Marie Blecha, College of Agriculture Dean's Discretionary Fund;

Shari Marie Blecha, Mary Holton Seaton Scholarship; Kari Beth Buetow, College of Agriculture Dean's Discretionary Fund and Mary Holton Seaton Scholarship; Amy Marie Limes, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship; Jesse D. Muller, Gladwin A. Read Memorial Fund; Jason Boone Ott, Flinchbaugh Agricultural Policy Scholarship; Jason Boone Ott, Koch Nitrogen Company Agriculture Economics Scholarship; Andrea Nichole Smith, Arts and Sciences Excellence Scholarship; Andrea Nichole Smith, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship

Elk City: Matt Beason, Donna Kottwitz & Mark Larson Engineering Scholarship, Lonsinger Engineering Scholarship and Marion H. Pelton Keyboard Scholarship;

Hannah McCabe, Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Acadademic Scholarship; Andrew Cole Strasburg, CHS University Scholarship

Havana: Kaci Rae Douglas, Herbert H. and Neva J. Blevins Scholarship; Kaci Rae Douglas, C. Q. Chandler III Business Administration Scholarship, Dean's Choice Scholarship and Memorial Scholarship

Independence: Brandy Michelle Carter, Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Acadademic Scholarship; Hallie Nicole Hernandez, Memorial Scholarship; Kelsey Hignight, Medallion Scholarship; Kati Jo Hiner, Memorial Scholarship; Ashley Nicole Winkleman, Memorial Scholarship



Council Grove: Courtney Lynne Frye, Transfer Scholarship; Lauren Emily James, Charles W. and Lois H. Nauheim Scholarship in Agricultural Economics; Bracey James Lerner, Leadership Scholarship and H. W. and Mary Wilkison Scholarship; Sarah Nichole Lewis, H. W. and Mary Wilkison Scholarship; Christina Marie Miller, Max W. Milbourn Memorial; Jeri Lee Sigle, Agriculture Enhancement Scholarship and John E. Trembly Memorial Scholarship

White City: Meghan Ashley Blythe, J. Adair Hodges Memorial Fellowship; Cassandra Kay Kniebel, Miles Mckee LMIC Scholarship; Clayton Kenneth Kniebel, William C. Garner Memorial Scholarship



Elkhart: Christopher Jay Luck, Leadership Scholarship; Jonathan Kelly Owens, Foundation Scholarship; Magen Christine Witcher, Leadership Scholarship

Rolla: Casey Michelle Barrett, Foundation Scholarship; Marshall Clinesmith, Ernest L. and Lou R. Adams Scholarship Fund in Agriculture; Renee K Guerrero, Memorial Scholarship