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Note to editors: This list includes only the names of students who have received scholarships that total $1,000 or more. Kansas recipients are listed by county and hometown.
Website: http://www.k-state.edu/sfa
News release prepared by: Megan Molitor, 785-532-3452, molitor@k-state.edu

Monday, Dec. 5, 2011

Hard work pays off: K-State students receive more than 9,500 scholarships

MANHATTAN -- More than 9,500 academic scholarships have been awarded to Kansas State University students for the 2011-2012 school year. Overall, K-State students have earned more than $18.5 million in scholarships.

Most of the scholarships are made possible through donations and gifts to the Kansas State University Foundation. Information on K-State student financial assistance is available at http://www.k-state.edu/sfa.

Students receiving scholarships totaling more than $1,000 include:


Anthony: Jeffrey Cather, CHS University Scholarship; Seth Andrew Duran, Memorial Scholarship; Trevor Starks, Arts and Sciences Excellence Scholarship; Nanthanat Tongdaeng, Memorial Scholarship

Harper: Erin Taylor Beal, Heritage Award; Cord Meyer Denton, Phebe Bissell Memorial Scholarship in Engineering, Nadalie Bosse Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Scholarship, Cord Meyer Denton, ConocoPhillips Spirit Scholars Award Fund and Foundation for Engineering at KSU; Jennifer Nicole Kiser, Raymond W. and Dorothy L. Brining Scholarship

Burrton: Brady Ross Critchfield, Transfer Scholarship; Katie Nicole Nightingale, June Milliard Hall Memorial Scholarship and Katie Nicole Nightingale, Palmquist Architecture and Design Scholarship; Jodi Colleen Wright, Kansas Veterinary Medical Association Scholarship



Halstead: Andrea Jane Gundy, W.E. Long Scholarship

Hesston:Ashley Nicole Martin, First in Class Scholarship and Medallion Scholarship; Rachelle Kathryn McGehee, First in Class Scholarship; Robert Benjamin Moore, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship and Transfer Scholarship; Jeffrey James-Clinton Norris, Dean's Choice Scholarship; Emily Annette Schadler, Achievement Award; Garrett Austin Spencer, Dean's Choice Scholarship; Garrett Austin Spencer, Fairchild Scholarship

Newton: Brian Busenitz, Frank W. Kaul Mechanical Engineering Leadership; Megan Marie Cordell, Activity Scholarship; Sarah Elizabeth Gardner, Honstead-Wells Human Ecology Scholarship and Leadership Scholarship; David Andrew Janzen, Achievement Award; Andrew Michael Jost, Activity Scholarship, Salina Flight Scholarship and Salina Housing Scholarship; Trevor Brooks Kaufman, Walter M. and Alice K. Bellairs Scholarship; Benjamin David Meier, Fairchild Scholarship; Chrystiana Mae Miller, Borck Leadership Scholars; Wesley James Moore, Leadership Scholarship; John Timothy Stucky, Foundation Scholarship; Kendall John Voth, W. L. Webber Memorial Scholarship

Sedgwick: Laramie Lawrence, Memorial Scholarship; Leslea Ann Mitchem, Leadership Scholarship; Dylan Lowell Todd, Memorial Scholarship; Kendal Blaik Clawson, Duane and Pauline Murphy Scholarship



Satanta: Kyla Clawson, Kansas Farm Bureau Scholarship; Kurtis Charles Clawson, Leadership Scholarship and C.W. Longinaker Memorial Scholarship; Shelby Esta Hill, Duane and Pauline Murphy Scholarship

SubletteEric Bustillos, Memorial Scholarship; Joseph M Lower, Leadership Scholarship; Anna Christine Messerly, Margaret Ann Clark Memorial Scholarship; Anna Christine Messerly, Dean's Choice Scholarship and Anna Christine Messerly, First in Class Scholarship; Hannah Marie Meyer, Activity Scholarship and Hannah Marie Meyer, Memorial Scholarship; Zachary Ricketts, Foundation for Engineering at KSU; Lainie Rae Sjeklocha, Moden Family College of Business, The Maurice E. Fager Memorial Scholarship; John H. Tietze Scholarship; Lindsay Jordan Vannaman, Memorial Scholarship; Mallory Hope Weidner, College of Education Scholarship and Katherine Geyer Scholarship



Jetmore: Kyle Nuss, SGA Leadership Scholarship and Tointon Scholarship