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Note to editors: This list includes only the names of students who have received scholarships that total $1,000 or more. Kansas recipients are listed by county and hometown.
Website: http://www.k-state.edu/sfa
News release prepared by: Megan Molitor, 785-532-3452, molitor@k-state.edu

Monday, Dec. 5, 2011

Hard work pays off: K-State students receive more than 9,500 scholarships

MANHATTAN -- More than 9,500 academic scholarships have been awarded to Kansas State University students for the 2011-2012 school year. Overall, K-State students have earned more than $18.5 million in scholarships.

Most of the scholarships are made possible through donations and gifts to the Kansas State University Foundation. Information on K-State student financial assistance is available at http://www.k-state.edu/sfa.

Students receiving scholarships totaling more than $1,000 include:


Dresden: Gage Andrew Reichert, Col. Delbert Townsend Scholarship Fund

Norcatur:Carissa May Wentz, Dean's Choice Scholarship, Foundation Scholarship, Dane Hansen Foundation Scholarship and Col. Delbert Townsend Scholarship Fund

Oberlin: Derek Michael Chambers, Col. Delbert Townsend Scholarship Fund; Christopher Adam Larson, Abbott Laboratories Scholarship, Arts and Sciences Excellence Scholarship and Christopher Adam Larson, Jack and Betsy Lambert Scholarship; Jared Ture Albert Marcuson, Dane Hansen Foundation Scholarship; Rhiannon Kathleen Nedland, Achievement Award; Hunter Theodore May Nedland, Col. Delbert Townsend Scholarship Fund; Rhiannon Kathleen Nedland, Col. Delbert Townsend Scholarship Fund; Adrienne D. Pauls, Business Administration Telefund Fund and Col. Delbert Townsend Scholarship Fund; Nathan Jon Simonsson, John W. and Hazel M. Jenner Scholarship; Breck Victor Simonsson, McCown Gordon Construction Science Scholarship and Nathan Jon Simonsson, Col. Delbert Townsend Scholarship Fund



Abilene: Jennifer Abbott, The Marian W. 'Dolly' Hardman Endowment; Jonathan Lee Baier, Hosler Family Scholarship and K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship; Mollie Kate Barbee, Leadership Scholarship; Laura A. Barbur, Louis A. and Norma Jane Ball Scholarship; Lacey Kierstyn Lokken, Foundation Scholarship; Lori Ann Marcum, James B. Hollinger Family Scholarship and Norvin and Barbara Stunkel Scholarship; Emily Marilyn Myers, James B. Hollinger Family Scholarship; Kelsey J. Sanborn, Centennial Initiative Fund; Kathleen Sexton, Borck Leadership Scholars; Curry Sexton, Business Administration Telefund Fund; Thomas Cruz Yeager, Dean's Choice Scholarship and Memorial Scholarship

Carlton: Emmy K. Meyer, Activity Scholarship; Shannon Wilson, Borck Leadership Scholars and Writing Fellowship

Chapman: Matthew Socorro Contreras, Engineering Scholarship; Karl Martin Janke, Arlin B. Ward Scholarship in Flour Milling, Foundation Scholarship and Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship

Herington: Chance Matthew Berndt, Dean's Choice Scholarship, Roy C. Kreider Memorial Scholarship and Chance Matthew Berndt, Soaring with Eagles Fellows Scholarship; Matthew Duane Biehler, Lawrence L. Sowers Memorial Scholarship;

Brian Burhoop, Lawrence L. Sowers Memorial Scholarship;

Hope: Crysta Marie Brockmeier, Payless ShoeSource Junior-Senior Scholarship; Dillon Daniel Cook, Younglove Construction Scholarship in Feed Science, A.W. Funks Memorial Scholarship and Dillon Daniel Cook, Oscar S. Stauffer Hope High School Scholarship; Duncan Paul Davidson, A.W. Funks Memorial Scholarship and Oscar S. Stauffer Hope High School Scholarship; Aaron Christopher Davis, A.W. Funks Memorial Scholarship; Andrew James Dillon, Oscar S. Stauffer Hope High School Scholarship; Kara Gruber, Dr. Irvin Irwin Scholarship; Haley Renee Sill, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship, A.W. Funks Memorial Scholarship and Oscar S. Stauffer Hope High School Scholarship

Solomon: Dustin J Ewing, National Science Foundation Elite Scholarship; Jarrod Alan Janssen, Garmin Electrical and Computer Engineering Scholarship; Josh Schmaderer, Leadership Scholarship;



Bendena: Nicholas Steven Johnson, Achievement Award

Highland: Emily Mae French, Activity Scholarship; Joshua William Hargis, Kendell Aileen Sobering Memorial Scholarship; Chase Jordan Smith, ADM Alliance Nutrition Feed Science Scholarship

Troy: Peter Jacob Masters, Achievement Award and Virda A. Ault Scholarship

Wathena: Bailey Rae Blair, Activity Scholarship and Dean's Choice Scholarship;

Brady Hoffman, Activity Scholarship; Elliott Francis Nold, Kendell Aileen Sobering Memorial Scholarship

White Cloud: Alexander John Reese, Leadership Scholarship and William and Joyce Cyphers Owen Scholarship



Baldwin City: Mary Beth Garzillo, Ivan and Madge Strickler Scholarship; Clare Elizabeth Miles, The Producers and Texas Livestock Marketing Association of Kansas City Student Scholarship and Enrichment Fund; Taylor Deanna Stackley, Fairchild Scholarship and Future Chemists Scholarship; Ryan Christopher Ward, Fairchild Scholarship

Eudora: Jacob Daniel Beck, Roscoe S. Coberly Memorial Scholarship and Foundation Scholarship; Connor William Hartpence, Arts and Sciences Excellence Scholarship; Hannah Margaret Katzenmeier, Medallion Scholarship; Cecilia Lacy Lehmann, Dean's Choice Scholarship, Jimmy V. and Lucile A. Hoar Memorial Scholarship and Lawrence Area Catbackers Scholarship; Marian Germaine Mersmann, Arts and Sciences Excellence Scholarship; Anthony Gerard Mersmann, Foundation Scholarship; Ali Nila, Memorial Scholarship; Erik Matthew Russell, Transfer Scholarship; Sam Patrick Scott, Centennial Initiative Fund; Kyle Christian Snow, Frank L. Westerman Jr. Scholarship; Kalen Rose Wright, Robert M. Kountz Scholarship in Engineering

Lawrence: Tennery A Carttar, Dallas and Edna Alsup Scholarship; Emily Kathleen Coon, ConocoPhillips Spirit Scholars Award Fund; Charlotte Elise Denning, Dean's Choice Scholarship; Bryant Michael Denning, Engineering Scholarship; Carrick James Finnegan, Medallion Scholarship; Christopher Daniel Gaston, Henry J. Putnam Memorial Scholarship; Sarah Williams Haley, Activity Scholarship and Lawrence Area Catbackers Scholarship; Harrison Dale Brent Helmick, R.T. and M.E. Weaver Scholarship; Nels Jacob Hotvedt, Arts and Sciences Excellence Scholarship; Whitley Jackson, Larry G. Williams Scholarship; Andrew M. Jones, KSURF Doctoral Scholarship; Alexandria Ann Koppes, Eva B. Potter Memorial Scholarship in Home Economics; Trevor Addison Leslie, Achievement Award; Leanne Renee Milleret, John and Pearl E. Bullock Scholarship; Morgan Elizabeth Mills, Mary Grace Hanson Scholarship; Kaitlyn Marie Mosher, Foundation Scholarship and Lawrence Area Catbackers Scholarship; Joshua Alan Myers, Medallion Scholarship; Serena Rochelle O'Connor, W.C. and Frances Covey Peirce Scholarship; Libby Lee Queen, Dean's Choice Scholarship; Korie Nicole Reed, Medallion Scholarship; Margaret Joan Sorrick, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship; Paige L. Thomas, Activity Scholarship; David W. Thomas, Memorial Scholarship; Katherine A Turner, Business Administration Telefund Fund; Carlos Vera, Memorial Scholarship; Stuart V. Wakeman, Activity Scholarship; Amanda Weishaar, Max E. and Jean Hollinger Journalism and Mass Communications Scholarship; Emma Woodard, Leadership Scholarship

Lecompton: Kourtney Renee Foley, Leadership Scholarship and Elvon G. and Lydia E. Skeen Scholarship in Education; Ashley Diane Lesser, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship