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Note to editors: This list includes only the names of students who have received scholarships that total $1,000 or more. Kansas recipients are listed by county and hometown.
Website: http://www.k-state.edu/sfa
News release prepared by: Megan Molitor, 785-532-3452, molitor@k-state.edu

Monday, Dec. 5, 2011

Hard work pays off: K-State students receive more than 9,500 scholarships

MANHATTAN -- More than 9,500 academic scholarships have been awarded to Kansas State University students for the 2011-2012 school year. Overall, K-State students have earned more than $18.5 million in scholarships.

Most of the scholarships are made possible through donations and gifts to the Kansas State University Foundation. Information on K-State student financial assistance is available at http://www.k-state.edu/sfa.

Students receiving scholarships totaling more than $1,000 include:


Chula Vista: Rickey Singh Deo, Honors Scholarship and Leonce L. Picot, III Scholarship

Coronado: Molly Bolin Johnson, Jody Borders Memorial Scholarship

Encinitas: Jenna Corinne Dockweiler, Veterinary Medicine Miscellaneous Scholarship

Fountain Valley: Wendy Lai, Transfer Honors Scholarship

Fresno: Charles Mungai Loadholt, Burton Aviation Fund

Fullerton: Shelby Renee Fajnor, Dorothy J. Paramore Memorial Scholarship; Katherine Amelia Gutierrez, Ralf E. Hockens and Alice M. Hockens Memorial Scholarship

Glendale: Philip I. Allen, Greg and Robin Paulson Memorial Scholarship

Greenbrae: Adrianna Raquel Olivera, Dr. Melvin F. "Doc" and Dorothy Scoby Scholarship

Holtville: Sarah Jane Abatti, Kansas City Steak Company Scholarship

Huntington Beach: Lacee Lynn Oliver, Russell and Margaret Oliver Scholarship

Lancaster: Mason Robert Ray, Leo Dwerlkotte Memorial Scholarship in Agriculture

Lompoc: Kayleen E McLain, Bernard E. and Estelle L. Foote Scholarship

Murrieta: Alyssa Marie Contreras, Heritage Award

Palos Verdes Est: Kathryn Renee Francis, Dr. Leo Magrath Scholarship in Veterinary Medicine

Panorama City: Jennifer C. Gih, Veterinary Medicine Pet Trust - Veterinary Medicine Education Scholarship

Rancho Mirage: Daniel Sachs Herz, Elmer D. McCollum Scholarship

Rancho Palos Verdes: Dustin Randall Schmid, Veterinary Medicine Class Of 1965

Rancho Santa Margarita: Alexandra Ashanti Gaines, Arts and Sciences Excellence Scholarship, Honors Scholarship and Soaring with Eagles Fellows Scholarship; Allison Elizabeth Thiermann, Honors Scholarship

Richmond: Andrea Antoinette Rodriguez, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships

Ripon: Rebekah D Adams, Robert H. Poresky Assistantship

San Bernardino: Veronica Marie Wilkerson, Memorial Scholarship

San Diego: Shelly Nicole Heinz, Heritage Award; Kyle Waldie, Agricultural Economics Emeritus Faculty & Friends Scholarship; Tinie Chiu-Lai Chung, Dorothy Jean Palmquist Scholarship

San Juan Capistrano: Allison Nicole Habekost, Col. Frank C. Hershberger Memorial Scholarship

San Mateo: Allison Michelle Ten, Veterinary Medicine Telefund Fund

Santa Ana: Kennedy Year, Memorial Scholarship

Santa Clara: Timothy Tse, Memorial Scholarship

Santa Rosa: Elizabeth Ardelle Taylor, Miles Fund - Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital Scholarship

Solvang: Brandon Christopher Meza, Honors Scholarship

Strathmore: Lauryn Elizabeth Brown, Elmer D. McCollum Scholarship

Sunnyvale: Sylvia Jung Wha Lee, Dr. and Mrs. Nelson Mayo Scholarship

Thousand Oaks: Mark William Hay, Heritage Award

Upland: Dillon Jerry Sapp, Russell and Margaret Oliver Scholarship; Cameron William Savage, Transfer Honors Scholarship; Reyna Elisabeth Youdath, Russell and Margaret Oliver Scholarship; Phillip Raymond Youdath, Russell and Margaret Oliver Scholarship

Walnut Creek: Javier Viera Lopez, Memorial Scholarship

Woodland Hills: Jacquelyn E Bogstad, Parizo Family Scholarship



Arvada: Stuart Michael Disberger, Heritage Award and H.W. and Mary Wilkison Scholarship; Hannah Rani Leventhal, Jody Borders Memorial Scholarship and Veterinary Medicine Pet Trust - Veterinary Medicine Education Scholarship; Nicole Marie Schieck, A.W. Michael and William Michael Scholarship

Austin: Stephanie Conley, Transfer Heritage Scholarship

Boulder: Kyle Lee Johnson, Heritage Award

Brush: Rachael Lee Thooft, William J. and Edith J. Clark Memorial Scholarship in Accounting

Buena Vista: Anthony Scott Hawkins, John C. Brown Scholarship in Animal Science and Arthur A. and Leora J. Peck Scholarship

Burlington: Spencer Edward Cure, Cecil E. and Mary M. Richards Scholarship; Hayley Suzanne Orth, Denison Scholarship; Bryn Ann Penny, Activity Scholarship

Castle Rock: Bailey Marie McHenry, J.E. and Mary J. Zimmerman Scholarship and Purple & White Scholarship; Jacob Pederson, Transfer Heritage Scholarship

Centennial: Jena Biondolilo, Purple & White Scholarship; Taylor Jo Marie Eads, Heritage Award; Erik Garcia, Timothy R. Donoghue Graduate Scholarship; Ashley Nicole Kelican, Purple & White Scholarship and Henry Van De Riet Memorial Scholarship; Derrick Schmitz, Purple & White Scholarship; Sarah Anneliese Schreiber, Transfer Heritage Scholarship; Jordan Alexander Spratt, Elmer and Margaret A. Gardner Memorial Scholarship and Jordan Alexander Spratt, Heritage Award

Cheyenne Wells: Jennifer Lynne Larsen, Helen Jones Manus Memorial Scholarship

Colorado Springs: Levi D Wall, Purple & White Scholarship; Antoine Marcelles Borden, Engineering Scholarship and Memorial Scholarship; Joseph Collier Convery, Salina Flight Scholarship, Salina Housing Scholarship and H. Duane and Bonnie Saunders Scholarship; Adam Christian Figurski, Heritage Award; Joshua Michael Harrison, Marlow White Warrior Legacy Scholarship; Rae Lynn Hauff, Honors Scholarship; Shotika Lashae Hill-Smith, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships; Daniel Martin Mazzetti, Honors Scholarship; Matthew Morley, Engineering Scholarship and

Garmin Electrical and Computer Engineering Scholarship; Christopher Eric Sanford, Honors Scholarship; Madeline Margaret Schneider, Honors Scholarship; Matthew Carl Skarin, Purple & White Scholarship; Thomas Aaron Turner, Honors Scholarship,

Salina Flight Scholarship and Salina Housing Scholarship

Denver: Cheria Marie Cauley, Student Opportunity Award; Kevin Lloyd Cunningham, Purple & White Scholarship; Aaron Garcia, Purple & White Scholarship; Elizabeth Anne Haddox, Purple & White Scholarship; Brandon Reid, Ice Family Student Emergency Fund

Durango: Abigail Louise Owen, Easborn and Esther H. Rusco Memorial Scholarship

Eaton: Phillip David Kinnison, Salina Housing Scholarship

Elizabeth: Dailene Irene Christensen, Denison Scholarship

Englewood: Foster Lane Kutner, Honors Scholarship

Evergreen: Kaitlin Nichelle Page, Opportunity Scholarship and Purple & White Scholarship

Flagler: Tiffany Jo Poet, Purple & White Scholarship

Fort Collins: Spencer Jordan Anduss, Purple & White Scholarship; Brenna Kaye Hayes, Heritage Award; Tyler Kevin Struckhoff, Honors Scholarship

Franktown: Courtney Tracy, William and Mary E. Heaton Memorial Scholarship

Fort Collins: Amelia Joann Eads, Heritage Award; Megan Corinne Sawyer, William and Mary E. Heaton Memorial Scholarship; Kelsey Lauren Struckhoff, Purple & White Scholarship

Greeley: Kaitlyn Marie Jerome, Heritage Award; Jillian Renee Ryan, Jon Wefald Scholarship; Sarah Marie Swenson, Heritage Award

Highlands Ranch: Marissa Marie Bartosch, Heritage Award; Marissa Marie Bartosch, Wiltfong Family Leadership Scholarship Patricia Ann Bastine, Denison Scholarship; Dean Thomas Eckhoff, Heritage Award; Kayla Jurrens, Honors Scholarship; Kaitlyn Lorraine Lube, Honors Scholarship and Winifred S. Ranney Memorial Scholarship; Amanda Ross, Purple & White Scholarship; Amanda Marie Rouse, Denison Scholarship; Ann Elizabeth Vosbeek, Purple & White Scholarship; Brandi Marie Worster, Heritage Award

Holyoke: Jared Ray Oestman, Transfer Honors Scholarship

Lamar: Mark Allen Siemsen, Engineering Scholarship and Heritage Award

Limon: Zoe Jordan Phillip, Purple & White Scholarship

Littleton: Trenton Russell Bishop, Heritage Award; Joshua Dean Goldstein, Farris Family Architectural Scholarship and Purple & White Scholarship; Kristi Anne Lafferty, Transfer Honors Scholarship; Mackenzie Patricia Mong, Honors Scholarship and Soaring with Eagles Fellows Scholarship; Lisa Nicole Ringstrand, Purple & White Scholarship; Brianna Noelle Stevens, Purple & White Scholarship; Erin Amanda Walker, Marie Muxlow Scholarship

Livermore: Matthew A. Herrington, Tim Lim Graduate Scholarship in Agriculture

Louisville: Jenelle Nicole Tennigkeit, Purple & White Scholarship

Matheson: Andrew Alexander Scherrer, Purple & White Scholarship and Dale A. Rodman Alpha Gamma Rho Scholarship

Montrose: Andrea Michele Jeffrey, Agriculture Enhancement Scholarship, Heritage Award and K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship; Sarah Abigail Thompson, Purple & White Scholarship

Monument: Katelyn Ellesse Fentiman, John B. Cheshire Memorial Scholarship; Brandi Ann Schneweis, Frederick and Mona Eyestone Academic Scholarship

Otis: Emily Mollohan, Gladwin A. Read Memorial Fund, Koch Nitrogen Company Agriculture Economics Scholarship and Purple & White Scholarship

Parker: Samantha Spencer Kannawin, Honors Scholarship; Kelsey Marie Lind, William and Mary E. Heaton Memorial Scholarship; Tyler James Reilly, Heritage Award

Salida: Aryelle Vohs, Fairchild Scholarship; Dain Robert Susman, Purple & White Scholarship

Sterling: Bryce Aaron Cummings, Purple & White Scholarship; Kristen Allyse Keelan, Heritage Award

Thornton: Elizabeth Osborne, Purple & White Scholarship; Business Administration Telefund Fund

Westminster: Jessica Lynn Perrault, Transfer Honors Scholarship

Wheat Ridge: Leah Ann Sugai, Heritage Award

Windsor: Nicole Elizabeth Debrie, Purple & White Scholarship; Katie Marie Samples, CHS University Scholarship and Purple & White Scholarship;

Woodland Park: Eric August Dernbach, Purple & White Scholarship



Bloomfield: Theresa Ann Lamontagne, Col. Frank C. Hershberger Memorial Scholarship

Ellington: Christine Leah Spartz, Heritage Award and Dr. H.H. King Memorial Scholarship and Lectureship

Fairfield: Katherine E. Gallo, Timothy R. Donoghue Graduate Scholarship

West Simsbury: Stacey Marie Burdick, Veterinary Medicine Pet Trust - Veterinary Medicine Education Scholarship

Windsor: Kelsey Maeve Cahalan, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship