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News tip/hometown connection: Abilene and Salina
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News release prepared by: Natalie Blair, 785-826-2642, nblair@k-state.edu

Monday, Aug. 20, 2012

Stealth education: Ninjas, graphic novel explain library services to Salina students

SALINA -- Seldom seen, library ninjas perform heroic acts to ensure their patrons have access to information. These mythic vigilantes and their escapades are brought to life in "Legends of the Library Ninjas: A Quest for Knowledge," a graphic novel resulting from a partnership between Kansas State University Salina and Kansas Wesleyan University.

The graphic novel was co-written and illustrated by K-State Salina student Greg Charland, senior in computer systems technology, Abilene.

Charland worked with Heidi Blackburn, undergraduate services librarian at K-State Salina, and Kate Wise, associate librarian at Kansas Wesleyan, to create storyboards.

In addition to giving final approval for the graphic novel, the librarians teamed up to write the last five pages of the booklet, which include tutorials on how to conduct effect research, such as using Boolean logic, finding and evaluating sources, and using the Dewey decimal system.

Blackburn received a $3,500 Academic Excellence Award from the university for the project.

K-State Salina students will be introduced to the graphic novel during the campus' Wildcat Welcome Week activities, with a Library Ninjas party that will include the book, ninja-themed snacks, prizes and giveaways. All Kansas Wesleyan University freshmen will receive the book during library instruction day in early September, as part of Wesleyan Challenge.

The book is also available online at http://bit.ly/PkyPem.