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Pathways to STEM: Kansas Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (KS-LSAMP)

Programs for Students


Research Immersion: Pathway to STEM (RiPS)

This is an 8-week summer program in which students come to Kansas State University to conduct an independent research project. You can find more about this program HERE.


Developing Scholar Program Support

KS-LSAMP will provide support for a select number of students to participate in the developing scholars program. You can learn more HERE.


Monthly Seminars

KS-LSAMP will coordinate monthly seminars to be held at Kansas State University. These seminars will discuss professional and academic topics relevant to STEM students. A current list of seminars can be found HERE.


Transfer Visit Days

KS-LSAMP is working with the K-State Admissions Office to coordinate a two-day experience for KS-LSAMP alliance member students. Students will come to the K-State campus and have the opportunity to interact with current K-State STEM students as well as participate in the Admissions' Office Transfer Visit Day activities. More information can be found HERE.