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Pathways to STEM: Kansas Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (KS-LSAMP)

Scholar Levels

 KS-LSAMP Scholar Levels

KS-LSAMP Scholar

This is the initial level for KS-LSAMP scholars.

  • In order to enter this level students must apply to the program.
  • To continue as a KS-LSAMP, scholar students must participate in KS-LSAMP events (2 KS-LSAMP organized event, 1 KS-LSAMP approved events) per semester OR participate in KS-LSAMP approved activities

After the minimum number of events have been reached, KS-LSAMP scholars will immediately progress to Silver Scholar status

KS-LSAMP Silver Scholar

This is the second level for KS-LSAMP scholars. Once students reach this level, they are eligible to apply for:

  • Scholarships
  • Travel awards to scientific conferences

Additionally, as a KS-LSAMP Silver scholar students will receive priority status when volunteering for events

KS-LSAMP Gold Scholar

This is the third and final level for KS-LSAMP scholars. Students who have been awarded scholarship funds from the KS-LSAMP program will be designated as Gold scholars. There is a one-year commitment to continue in the program after receiving funds. Benefits of becoming a Gold scholar are:

  • Financial assistance through scholarships
  • Mentorship opportunities available
  • Receive priority status when volunteering for events

Events - Spring 2018

KS-LSAMP organized events (detailed information can be found HERE)

January 22, 2018     KS-LSAMP Welcome Event

February 22, 2018    Volunteer Opportunity

April 2, 2018           Social Media Branding

KS-LSAMP Approved Events

Ag-Industry Career Fair

Engineering Career Fair

Kat Chats - click HERE for more info

Discipline specific seminars - refer to your department website for more information

Cultural Awareness events - ex. MLK week events, student organization led events

Please note, if you chose to attend KS-LSAMP approved events you must submit a short summary including 1) why you chose to attend the event and 2) what you learned as a result of attending the event (max 250 words). This information must be submitted to breneek@ksu.edu or dropped off at 125 Seaton Hall in order to get credit for your attendance.