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LGBT Resource Center

LGBT Scholarships

The LGBT Resource Center administers four scholarships and two ambassadorships for our students and Kansas State University. The Rourk LGBT Scholarship, Mary Kay Siefers Leadership Scholarship, Samuel Brinton LGBT Engineering Scholarship, Joseph Nisil Jr. Memorial Veterinary Medicine Scholarship and the LGBT Resource Center Student Ambassador Awards. Also available to students is the Flint Hills Human Rights Project Student Scholarship administered by the Flint Hills Human Rights Project. For further information on any financial opportunities please contact the Resource Center.

The applications for scholarships administered by the LGBT Resource Center and the local community are currently available. If you have any questions regarding any of the scholarship forms please contact the Resource Center at 785-532-5352 or lgbt@k-state.edu.

Applications are found at the links below. Please follow all instructions for each individual application.

The Rourk LGBT Scholarship 


Mary Kay Siefers Leadership Scholarship 

2 scholarships awarded ($500)

LGBT Resource Center Student Ambassador Award 

Minimum of 2 awarded ($250)

Samuel Brinton LGBT Engineering Scholarship


Joseph E. Nisil Jr. Veterinary Medicine Memorial Scholarship


Flint Hills Human Rights Project Student Scholarship

(up to $500) - DUE April 25



unless noted.

Conference/Event Funding Applications
(Determined by number of participants, location, type of conference/event)