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Staley School of Leadership Studies

Staley School of Leadership Studies
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Building Hours

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4 September, Labor Day
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1 January, New Year's 

Radina's Hours

Monday - Thursday
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Saturday - Sunday

September 4, Labor Day
November 20 - 24, Thanksgiving Break
December 18 - January 5, Winter Break

LEAD 450 Senior Seminar Case Competition

Students in the Senior Seminar classes had the opportunity to perform an analysis of a case study mirroring the process that the student teams went through for the International Leadership Association's annual student case competition. Over the course of the semester, student groups in all the sections of the Senior Seminar classes wrote briefs outlining their analysis and recommendations for the case, made posters summarizing their analysis and recommendations, and presented their findings. Each section elected one group from their class to represent their section in a case competition. Judges included faculty from the Staley School of Leadership Studies as well as a representative from Communication Studies. Those judges selected the overall winners.

2013 Recipient:  Rachel Jensen and Shelby Storrie