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2011 Zeitoun

Zeitoun by Dave Eggers is an amazing true story about the lead up to and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and one man's attempt to help others amidst the terrifying and bizarre events that followed the disaster.

A Syrian immigrant, Zeitoun is pursuing the American dream of building his own business and living with his family in one of our country's most unique cities. Deciding to stay in New Orleans during the storm to secure his many job sites while his family evacuates, he gets caught up in the drama, confusion, and events that surround Katrina. After the storm passes and the flooding begins, Zeitoun surveys the devastation from his canoe, helping everyone he can along the way. These charitable efforts come to an abrupt halt, however, when he is arrested and swiftly swept into a nightmarish, makeshift detention center.

In vivid and compelling prose, Zeitoun raises numerous important social issues, from the problems and possibilities of the American Dream to the need for interfaith dialogue and understanding.

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Zeitoun by Dave Eggers