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K-State Book Network (KSBN)

Ways to use the common book in the classroom

Wondering how you can incorporate the 2013 Common Book selection into your work with students this fall? 

Want to use the book but can’t devote a lot of time?

  • Use the book as an example when discussing the philosophies, theories, or perspectives from your discipline.
  • Ask your student to attend the events planned by KSBN. 


  • Develop the musical score for the film.
  • Design a movie poster for the film.
  • Use multimedia to create a PSA over a theme or issue from the book. 


  • Have students find a science article inspired by a topic in the book and identify the parts of a research paper.

Writing Assignments

Use one of these assignments created by K-State faculty/staff


Ernest Cline creates complex worlds – both real and virtual – in Ready Player One. This project is designed to get you thinking more about those worlds, the characters that inhabit them, and the process of creating them.

  1. Invent an Avatar
  2. Join IOI?
  3. Reflection

Digital Identity

In Ready Player One, Ernest Cline created two complex worlds and characters that inhabited both. Through this project, you will explore what it is like to create an avatar to serve as your anonymous, digital representation in an online forum. This is a semester-long project that will involve the use of an online discussion board through the course of the class and will conclude with a reflection paper.

  1. Create a pseudonym and an avatar
  2. Have students respond to weekly discussion questions.
  3. Write a one page reflection paper looking back over the semester long project  

Create Your Own Future

Ready Player One takes place in 2044. Past events have affected the current world Wade/Parzival lives in for better or worse. What past events have created the world, as we know it in 2013? What are we doing now that will affect what our 2044 will be like?

  1. Address several questions in an essay 
  2. Create a timeline with five events that relate to a theme in the book.
Ready Player One book cover