2014 Book Suggestions

Below are titles of books students, staff, faculty, and community members think would be a good common book for first year students to read in 2014. If you would like to add a title to this list read over our selection criteria and tell us your suggestion

TitleReason it should be considered

Our Daily Bread-
Noel Vietmeyer

The book would be an exciting choice for those with an interest in a global perspective on food, the Land-Grant University, the Green Revolution, and sustainability.

600 Hours of Edward

-Craig Lancaster

I stumbled upon the most amazing book…I think it should be considered for a future first-year reading text.  The author seems very accessible…this is an incredible summer read for you!

Nominator - Faculty/Staff/Administrator

Travel as a Political Act

-Rick Steves

-Easy and enjoyable to read; good length.

-Ties in with the 2025 common element of internationalizing K-State and the K-State community; this is a way we can start to bring a type of international experience to those who cannot leave campus, and hopefully inspire students, faculty, staff to go abroad and get involved in international activities on campus.

-Can help connect K-State with its international student population, which is often over looked and often disconnected from the rest of campus.

-Interdepartmental - the book ties in writing, literature, political science, international relations, global business, health, psychology, intercultural communication, leadership studies, and more.

-It will be very thought and discussion provoking because of some of the topics it brings up, such as health care and social policies in other countries.

-It would also be easy to tie in other presentations, movies, etc about the topic.

-It also touches on perceptions of the Middle East, which is very relevant and a needed discussion to be had.

-Finally, I think that the material in the book (which could be considered sensitive topics) is handled in a respectful way that doesn't say what was is right or wrong.

Nominator - Faculty/Staff/Administrator


-Michael T. Dolan

A day in the life of a college freshman, this novels tackles themes relevant to all across all disciplines. Plus, a highly entertaining read sure to spark lively discussions.

Nominator - Community Member

The Little Giant of Aberdeen County

-Tiffany Baker

Fascinating story of multi generational family dynamics, community life, young woman born with acromegaly and in poverty faces ostracism due to appearance. A bit of mysticism, natural herbal and plant healer v. medicine...love and loss.

Nominator - Faculty/Staff/Administrator

A Sand County Almanac

-Aldo Leopold

The environment is currently a hot topic. This book is a great way to appreciate the environment without all of the politics. Although an easy read, it uses advanced vocabulary which would provide an academic challenge.

Nominator - Faculty/Staff/Administrator

The Marriage Bureau for Rich People

-Farahad Zama

This book is charming and full of insight into how arranged marriages are selected. It was a fantastic read.

Nominator - Faculty/Staff/Administrator

The Fault in Our Stars

-John Green

I have not yet read this book, but everything I have heard about it makes me think that it would be absolutely perfect for KSBN. It is purportedly highly engaging and transformative. 

Nominator - Faculty/Staff/Administrator