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K-State Book Network (KSBN)


KSBN’s purpose is to help guide the transition from high school to college by giving students a common experience around a book and guided academic and social activities that can be shared with professors, staff, administrators, and other students when they arrive on campus.

Nomination Process

Campus nominations have closed. 

How we pick books

The selection committee, made up of students, staff, and faculty, reviews nominations and narrows down the list of titles to one. Their work officially begins in the summer and ends in November.

Selection Timeline
Spring 2017Select a theme
Form a committee
Solicit book nominations
Summer 2017Review book samples and narrow to 12 
Fall 2017Read books and narrow to 3
Solicit campus feedback the top 3 books
Rank titles and get feedback from the Provost
Spring 2018Announce the book