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K-State Book Network (KSBN)

2010 K-State Book Network Committee Members

KSBN is comprised of students, staffs, administrators, and faculty from K-State. If you are interested in participating, contact Tara and Steve at ksbn@k-state.edu.

Laurie BagbyBen HopperSteve LevinRobin MosherAlicia Shankle *
Kevin BlakeSara KearnsJudy LynchJoshua Meyers *Amanda Shankle*
Tara Coleman
Stephen Kiefer
Kara NorthwayMarcia Stockham
Gregory EiseleinEmily LehningAdriane MetcalfDixie SchierlmannKarin Westman 

Assessment Subcommittee

Fred BurrackStephen KieferJason Tomlison-Maseburg
Tara ColemanMarcia Stockham 

Book Selection Subcommittee

Laurie BagbyLynn CarlinStephen KieferRobin MosherJacqueline Spears
Kevin BlakeTara ColemanMaria-Teresa Martinez-OrtizLis Pankl 

PR Subcommittee

Tara ColemanBen HopperEmily Lehning
Gregory EiseleinStephen KieferKarin Westman

Video Contest Subcommittee

Tara ColemanTanya GonzalezMichele JanetteErnie Perez
Phyllis EppsRichard HarrisSteve KieferDixie Schierlmann
Bill GenereuxDan IretonLeo LoMichael L Wesch


2011 Committee

Thank you for all your hard work!