2010 K-State Book Network Committee Members

KSBN is comprised of students, staffs, administrators, and faculty from K-State. If you are interested in participating, contact Tara and Steve at ksbn@k-state.edu.

Laurie Bagby Ben Hopper Steve Levin Robin Mosher Alicia Shankle *
Kevin Blake Sara Kearns Judy Lynch Joshua Meyers * Amanda Shankle*
Tara Coleman
Stephen Kiefer
Kara Northway Marcia Stockham
Gregory Eiselein Emily Lehning Adriane Metcalf Dixie Schierlmann Karin Westman 

Assessment Subcommittee

Fred Burrack Stephen Kiefer Jason Tomlison-Maseburg
Tara Coleman Marcia Stockham  

Book Selection Subcommittee

Laurie Bagby Lynn Carlin Stephen Kiefer Robin Mosher Jacqueline Spears
Kevin Blake Tara Coleman Maria-Teresa Martinez-Ortiz Lis Pankl  

PR Subcommittee

Tara Coleman Ben Hopper Emily Lehning
Gregory Eiselein Stephen Kiefer Karin Westman

Video Contest Subcommittee

Tara Coleman Tanya Gonzalez Michele Janette Ernie Perez
Phyllis Epps Richard Harris Steve Kiefer Dixie Schierlmann
Bill Genereux Dan Ireton Leo Lo Michael L Wesch


2011 Committee

Thank you for all your hard work!