2012 K-State Book Network Committee Members

KSBN is comprised of students, staffs, administrators, and faculty from K-State. If you are interested in participating, contact us at ksbn@k-state.edu.

Book Selection Subcommittee

Andrew Barkley Shannon Fisher Stephen Kiefer Jen Schlegel
Maria Beebe Brent Flanders Nora Lewish Stephanie Skinner*
Kevin Blake Hunter Gilson* Judy Lynch Toynia Smith
Tara Coleman Jeffery Haaga* Maria T Martinez-Ortiz Alysia Starkey
Chris Culbertson Dan Hoyt Jessica Reyes*  
Antoinette Cutler * Dan Ireton Dixie Schierlmann  

PR Subcommittee

Tara Coleman Ben Hopper Emily Lehning Karin Westman
Gregory Eiselein Stephen Kiefer Jessica Reyes* Josh Meyers*


Thank you for all your hard work!