2014 Awards

Faculty/Staff Award

Faculty and staff members who have created learning activities related to the common book, The Ghost Map are encouraged to submit them for recognition. Activities may include, but are not limited to, paper assignments, events, discussions, and programs.

One outstanding activity will be selected based on:

  • Creative application of theme(s) from the book
  • Engagement of students in program, project, or activity
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm for enhancing the educational experience at K-State

Student Award

Students are invited to share their experience of the future depicted in The Ghost Map. What aspect of that world has made a lasting impact on you?

This experience can be shared through a non-fiction essay, creative writing, music, video, visual art, (filmed) performance art, games, or some other medium. Entries should indicate the basis for the experience, such as Ernest Cline’s novel, the conversation with Ernest Cline, a classroom discussion, or another event or program or reading selection.

The contest is open to all K-State students. The winning submission will receive a $150 book scholarship.


To apply, please submit a short description of your learning activity (faculty/staff) or experience (students) along with any other material by December 16, 2014. They can be emailed to ksbn@k-state.edu or submitted to

KSBN Faculty/Staff Award
Tara Coleman
118B Hale Library
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506

The winners will receive recognition at the launch of the 2015 book selection in Spring 2015.  

Questions? Please contact us at ksbn@k-state.edu.

Past Winners

Faculty WinnersStudent Winners

2013-Dan Ireton, Joelle Pitts, and Ben Ward

2012-Laura Donnelly

2011-L. Sue Williams

2013-Brett Bachman

2012-Jamie Westphal

2011-Shana Gordon, Eric Hampton, Mathew McKernan, Kelly Novosel, and Emilio Quezada