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K-State Book Network (KSBN)

Ways to use the common book in the classroom

Wondering how you can incorporate the 2014 Common Book selection into your work with students this fall? 

Want to use the book but can’t devote a lot of time?

  • Use the book as an example when discussing the philosophies, theories, or perspectives from your discipline.
  • Ask your student to attend the events planned by KSBN. 


  • Develop the musical score for the film.
  • Design a movie poster for the film.
  • Use multimedia to create a PSA over a theme or issue from the book. 


  • Have students find a science article inspired by a topic in the book and identify the parts of a research paper.

Writing Assignments

Use one of these assignments created by K-State faculty and staff

Cholera Public Health Campaign (pdf)

How would you design a public health campaign warning people about the dangers of cholera from the point of view of a a believer of germ theory or miasma theory?

  1. Address several questions in an essay 
  2. Create a public health campaign (poster, flyer, video, jingle) warning people about the dangers 

    of cholera and/or showing them how to avoid the danger of cholera

Mapping the Problem d(pdf)

Due to the collaboration between Dr. John Snow and Reverend Henry Whitehead, a map of cholera cases helped identify the source of the outbreak. How might a map of campus help identify a problem and possibly lead to a solution?

  1. Address several questions in an essay 
  2. Identify a problem/issue on campus 

  3. Map the problem and propose a solution 
The Ghost Map book cover