The Ghost Map

The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson is a historical account of the terrifying outbreak of cholera in the summer of 1854 in London and how a pair of interdisciplinary thinkers worked to find a solution to the deadly problem.

The Ghost Map is a riveting historical illustration of the intertwined histories of cholera, cities, and modern scientific inquiry. Yet the ideas and lessons in The Ghost Map are not simply about the nineteenth-century but also our own contemporary "wicked problems" from urban sprawl to bio-terrorism and much more.

Ghostmapping: A Public Lecture Series

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 at 4 pm | Leadership Studies, McVay Family Town Hall

"Diseases on the 21st Century Map." Presented by Dr. Stephen Higgs

Over 150 years after the London cholera outbreak, pathogens still cause over 25% of all human deaths worldwide. New diseases are emerging and old ones are reemerging. At a time when one would think that we should be wiping them off of the map, they continue to expand their ranges, respecting no borders and adapting to new opportunities. The lecture will describe K-State’s Biosecurity Research Institute and provide examples of emerging diseases.

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